I Adore the Dollar Store

If you like shopping, there’s almost nowhere you can have as much fun with a few dollars in your pocket as the dollar store. You’ve just got to love a place where every item is a dollar or less!...more

Twenty of the Best Bargains of my Life

I’ve been an avid shopper from the age of ten. My mom and sister and I would go to the big department stores in downtown Pittsburgh and split up and meet in a few hours. The stores were close together, but in between them, I discovered a used book store. What a treat!...more
I should shop with you!more

The Aftermath

I cannot be the only one...who thinks the corporations that thought it was a good idea to make the day after Thanksgiving, the one day of the year that is synonymous with eating and drinking too much, the same day as the biggest shopping day of the year, are a group of evil masterminds. While thinking about these wicked geniuses I envisioned the consumer prepping for their Black Friday, I imagined it went something like this:...more

Hoarding Is A Family Trait

‘Tis the Season for a Good Deal


Elephant's Trunk flea market treasures


My Guilty Pleasure - at 25% Off

 Today, I indulged myself in my guiltiest of pleasures.  I planned for days to enjoy my hours of pure, unfettered enjoyment, with no fear of being caught, no laws being broken, my health intact – and, if I was very lucky, not too much money being lost.Today I went shopping. ...more

Bargain Shopping...What a Thrill!

Why do I get that overwhelming urge to visit my favorite discount clothier, TJ Maxx, or my fave resale shop, Clothes Mentor? I’ve literally had to fight myself, in my mind of course, not to go shopping for the last couple of months. But why is that fight so hard? Why do I NEED to go shopping? I have tons of nice clothes, shoes, and accessories right now. Well, maybe it’s not a need, but more of a challenge. I love getting a great deal. It’s such a rush to find that high quality, super expensive item for mere pennies on the dollar....more

I'm loving the $2 tanks we bought today. A couple for me, a couple for TW, a couple for RJ, a ...more

Thrift Store Shopaholic

I have a confession. I rarely set foot in real stores, yet my closets and drawers are overflowing. I was forced to buy two packs of hangers last week and cleared out the guest room closet to handle the overflow. My Kiddo has a wardrobe stocked with the next two sizes up just waiting for him to grow into. And I would rather slit my wrists than pay retail. ...more
I love thrift store shopping too. Growing up, our family had very  little money. Thrift stores, ...more

Shopping Miracle: Bargain DVF Dress

Even though the Rapture didn't happen this weekend, I did encounter a shopping miracle. On our way back from Atlanta, my mom and I stopped at Tuesday Morning in Dalton, Ga. I love Tuesday Morning because the inventory is so random. You never know what you'll find in there....more