building blacks, part 3: inspired

Now that I am on the third post of this series (part 1 here, part 2 here explanation kind of all over the place... reasoning to come), I must say that building a black wardrobe (moreso, learning how to accessorize an all-black outfit) is easier than I originally thought.  Easy like learning how to snowboard or how to land a perfect triple lutz....more

building blacks, part 2: accessories

Anticipatory Set: I know, I know... productivity is down this week.  I am in a tough bout of stressing and hating my job pretty much all the time.  At least today was my last reevaluation conference of the year so there is at least one dim, blinky Christmas light at the end of the tunnel. But!... Happy note!: I am about to get dressed for my belated Valentine's date with Paul tonight......more

Big Buddha "Sunset" Hibiscus Tote

Ladies it is time to SPRING FORWARD! What other way to do that than with a great tote. Big Buddha's Hibiscus Tote is exactly what any lady would need. Via Dillard's ...more

I Never Saw This Coming...

Who have I become? I am in a bidding war on eBay right now with a potential nemesis over what better be less than $50.00, for a used, Banana Republic, leather bag! I need to get a life... Now, back to see what's going on.Ok, I'm back and IT-IS-ON....Chick from Long Island, or husband,boyfriend...or whatever you are! Why do I feel so entitled to this?...more

Valentine's Gifts For Guys

It's easy to figure out what women might like for Valentine's Day, in my opinion. Flowers, a pretty necklace, chocolate -- there's no end to the things, great and small that women might enjoy receiving from their sweethearts on February 14th. But what about the guys? What do men want? One the one hand, I think we can all well imagine what the gentlemen want -- but I'm talking about something we can wrap up for them. The possibilities are endless, but I've narrowed it down to five choices for you. You're welcome! ...more

Candelaria, it's cold outside!  How about red long johns (a "Union suit" as my ...more

H&M's ethical identity crisis

What to make of the recent behaviour of H&M? On one hand we have the shocking news, reported in the New York Times on Tuesday, that the Swedish company's New York store had been slashing unsold clothes so that they could not be sold or worn again. This kind of mindless waste makes me feel ill....more

The Possessionista: cure to your December shopping hangover - 31 days of fashion/beauty/shopping giveaways

December is like a Friday night in college. You have waaaay too much to drink and end up with a killer hangover, and a resolve not to do it again next week....more

Merry Swishmas

This one goes out to anyone who still has any doubts about the infinite joys of clothes swapping - or swishing as it is known. Madame la Moue and I thought we would do a Christmas fashion shoot to show you a small selection of the loot we bagged at last week's Sussex Uni clothes swap. So here we are pouting and prancing like a pair of deranged pantomime dames. Merry Christmas....more

Holiday Style on a Budget

I used to use the holidays as an excuse to splurge on myself and my loved ones, but since having kids I've become that tired old cliche of a mom. I take joy in picking out the perfect presents for my kids, my husband, our extended family, our friends, but I can't bring myself to splurge on myself. Not even a little bit. I make my husband promise not to buy me anything. I return gifts given to me and buy clothes for my kids or practical things like a toaster. Buying things for other people makes me happy, but buying - or even receiving - things for myself just seems to bring me pain....more

I love the cute bow necklace.  So simple--perfect for the holidays.