DIY Charlotte T Cheek and Pop Combo

Who doesn’t ogle over most(ALL) of the Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics line? Well I certainly do but I don’t always want to fork over for the higher price tags. So what is a beauty junkie (aka mad scientist) to do? DIY it, baby! Okay here is what you do to create your own shade of “ecstasy”: ...more

Rose Blush by Milani

So after a righteous family night at our favorite fine dining locale i.e. Chickfila I couldn't contain myself any longer. I had my hubby zip into the drugstore parking lot and left him and the three sweet screamers in the car for a few moments while I went on a mission....more

Let's Get Cheeky

People always talk about their secret favorite beauty products. You know, those cult products that you have used for years, can’t live without, and sometimes you keep the fabulousness of said product to yourself because you don’t want to share you secret. Well today I am sharing one of my favorite products for Spring/Summer. It’s called Rosie Jane Cheek Gloss, by Australian makeup artist, Rosie Jane Johnston....more

MAC Archie's Girls Collection Reviews

I wasn't planning to shop from MAC's Archie's Girls collection but I did a huge mistake by stepping into MAC store and in the end I found myself buying these products. I'll be reviewing Veronica's Blush and Betty Bright lipstick and here are some photos...more

Post #18, Laura Mercier "Second Skin Cheek Colour"

Good evening!Tonights post is a review on Laura Mercier's "Second Skin Cheek Colour"For those of you out there who heavily rely on blush and bronzer to give your skin some color, this blush is amazing quality! I love the color selection (I have Rose Bloom), how finely milled it is and some other reasons I've listed in my post!Come read and check out my pics! <3

put your best {face} forward

A couple of weeks ago when I wrote about all of the beauty products I can't live without, so many items in the make-up category came to mind that I figured it best to give them their very own post....more

fantasy friday: fendi + tulle

(from 20somethingcupcakes)  I think I've died and gone to Fendi ballerina heaven....more

Makeup Bag Clean Out: Keep the Best, Toss the Rest

2010 is the year of de-cluttering. Do you know how I know this? Because I just declared it so for myself....more

Whenever I get a new makeup bag I always do a product cleanse - its so motivating to start ...more

Resolutions for riding out a raging recession

Lynn Ingrid Nelson If Women Ran the World ... ...more