10 iPhone Apps For Fashionistas

If you are a slave to fashion and style, you may already know that looks don’t just fall together naturally. It can be a real science to coordinate outfits, style hair, and apply makeup to fit any given occasion. If you need some help keeping your looks together, here are 10 iPhone apps for keeping your style up-to-date & organized.   ...more

Mexican Food Masters Top Chef

The King of Mexican Cuisine, Rick Bayless, won last night’s Top Chef Masters  finale. But the real winner last night was Mexican food. As one of the dinner guests put it, more credit needs to be given to Mexican cuisine. Gracias! ...more

How to Do Smokin' Hot Smoky Eyes

For me, the quickest, most effective way for me to make a big impact with makeup is by playing up my eyes. I hate reapplying dark lipstick throughout the night, but my eyes? Once I slap on the shadow, it's not going anywhere. Recently, I've gotten a lot of compliments on my eye makeup, and every time someone mentions it, I'm wearing the same exact look -- smoky brown. And now, I'm sharing. The best news? It takes me about five minutes from start to finish, if that. ...more

SWEET!  I am going to be practicing this daily until I get it. I am getting married in ...more

Using Eyeshadow and Eyeliner to Enhance Your Eye Color - Does Cover Girl Get It Right?

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Cover Girl. ...more

I would love a sample of this stuff to see how it works for me.more

I love makeup!

Well I am new here at blogher.com but I thought I would first day hi and tell you all about my blog and what I love. My blog if called Addict For Beauty. It focuses on makeup, skincare, nails, hair, fashion, pop culture and more. I love makeup and skin care. I have an obession with it! ...more

Have a beauty inspired day!


Thank you for your kind comments. I checked ...more

DenimDebutante.com's First Ever Giveaway!

You love your jeans... obviously, or else you wouldn't be here, now would you? I've surpassed the 200 follower mark on Twitter, and have a bunch of loyal readers who come here everyday... I'm positively astounded by how awesome and supportive you all are. So, here's your reward! One lucky DenimDebutante.com reader will be able to take home the brand new NP Denim Set Palette! ...more

Going Green :] – Eco skin care and makeup

I have been trying so many different brands of skin care and makeup during the years to find some that really is gentle but still gives the skin what it need.  Lots of money have been spent on rather expensive product but without any positive results and sometimes even making the skin react in a negative way. ...more

Social Anxiety and the Pressure to Be Perfect

I believed as a teenager that if I were just pretty enough and smart enough and funny enough, that everyone would love me. I am an optimist and since it was clear that everyone did not love me, it followed that I must be challenged in one of the above referenced areas. Therefore I should just keep trying to be prettier, smarter and funnier for social bliss to ultimately come my way. ...more

I frankly did not understand this was a condition at all until I did some research and ...more