My Bare Minerals makeover!

UPS rang our doorbell this morning and lo and behold, my Bare Minerals makeup had arrived! ...more

Religulous among friends

I'm having the best day. I've gotten to spend the day with one of my bestfriends and got  to finally see Religulous. I would totally do naughty things to Bill Maher *drools* I did some major damage on the MAC website today. I got some much needed foundation, lipstick and eye shadows. I'm a lipstick whore LMAO I love the Mac Long wear pro or whatever it's called. Gotta have that kiss proof and everything else proof lipstick *wink* I spent part of yesterday clipping coupons. I have become a total coupon whore. I even got 2 FREE bottles of Suave lotion. ...more

Teen girls use 17 beauty products containing up to 13 carcinogenic chems. Go toxin-free, plus 20% off on convo.

Think our kids are exempt from toxic cosmetics? Think again. With 10-year-old Malia and eight-year-old Sasha Obama currently our Washington tweens-in-residence, all eyes are upon this 20 million strong generation of eight-to-12-year-olds. Especially beauty marketers. ...more

My top 5 Beauty Mistakes - read and weep (with laughter I hope!)

It's worth sharing my health and beauty disasters with all you girls out there - if only to prevent others having the same experiences and hopefully to raise a giggle or two!  1.  Sellotape to cut a blunt fringe Read this "handy tip" in a magazine, thing is that you have to get the tape on straight as you apply it to your fringe - and I didn't.  Result - interestiingly angled fringe, which I then had to keep cutting until it was over short and made me look "remedial". Amazing what a really short fringe can do to your face. 2.  Colonic irrigation ...more

Why do women tear eachother down?

Why do we tend to tear one another down instead of helping, encouraging and loving eachother? (While not EVERY woman displays this type of behavior) Still come on we are all guilty of it in some form or another! Participating in the office gossip about you know who...Telling a secret to a mutual friend that your girlfriend shared with you...Coveting a size 4 body and beautiful husband...Giving a woman a dirty look at a club or the mall. And it's not just grown women but young women are becoming more and more ruthless against eachother. ...more
@RebeccaKeenan   i consider myself quite lucky - i've never had to deal with these shallow petty ...more

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Or...When Irish Eyes...

I may not be Irish, but I do have green eyes! One of my boys has green eyes, and so does my husband. I used to think green eyes were unusual but, now that I'm surrounded by them I'm not so sure. How do I play up my green eyes? Well, you might be surprised... ...more

I've never received makeup advice from a bird, so this should be interesting!  lol

I ...more

Make-up Monday: Revlon Illuminance Creme EyeShadow

Every Monday, cdn lawyerista reviews make-up and beauty products. Revlon Illuminance Creme EyeShadow Quad ...more

Beauty Tip of the Month

Tyra Banks is one woman to take advice from when it comes to makeup. That's why when I discovered her 2 part 5-Minute Face makeup routine, I had to share it with as many people as I could. Part one of the video features Tyra Banks on stage with a woman who is a self-professed girl who knows she is using too much makeup for her face. Tyra, the young woman and the entire audience are brave enough to be shown on camera without any makeup. The host, Tyra proceeds to explain to everyone step by step how to do their own makeup that will only take 5 minutes. ...more

Playing Dress Up With My Daughter

Recently, I asked my daughter Mallory about her plans for Valentine's Day and then I braced myself to be crushed: this year she will have a date and I will not. Luckily, she didn't tell me about some grand plans that would make me feel like a complete and utter FAIL. She and her boyfriend will be enjoying a romantic dinner at home and he will be doing the cooking (this is good, this is very very good). Then I asked her if she wanted to dress up for the occasion and if so would she like to go shopping. ...more

I am sure that you must have been a little diapointed but you handled it with grace.  I am ...more