Calling all NYC mommies... chocolate & wine next Tuesday, 3/9

Two days ago, I wrote this post about fitting into my old jeans again (woohoo!) and today, my friends, I want to talk about chocolate. Yummy, dark, delicious chocolate. Yes, I realize the juxtaposition, but I feel strongly about the idea of "everything in moderation." Life is way too short to not treat yourself to little indulgences every once in a while... ...more

Not Just Lip Service - Your Lips Need Sun Protection

If there is a “theme” or “mantra” to this blog I believe it would be – always use your sunscreen!  As I have mentioned before in my posts no matter what time of year it is or what type of weather it is you still need to use sunscreen daily, and you need to reapply your sunscreen.  One part of your body that is ALWAYS exposed to the sun’s rays, 365 days a year, are your lips, but I think many of us forget that even our lips need sun protection.  Get into the habit of using lipsticks, glosses, or chapsticks that contain spf 15 or higher. ...more

Shimmery Makeup: Not Just for Teens

A lot of people believe that shimmery makeup has no place on a face older than 19. They think women over 35 should only wear matte foundation, eye shadow, and lipstick.Well, times have changed. Makeup textures have lightened up, and shimmery, dewy, glossy finishes are in style. They're so in style that they're difficult to avoid--and we shouldn't avoid them....more

My eyebags are in danger of needing their own postcode, so if a bit of sparkle might work I'm ...more

Book Review: Free Gift with Purchase

I love, love glossy magazines.  I particularly love glossy fashion magazines.  If I am reading a magazine I tune the rest of the world out; so please do not disturb me while I am holding a glossy fashion magazine.  I began reading Teen and Seventeen in junior high and by high school I was happily reading Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar....more

Photos: Red-Carpet Fashion at the Grammys

Rihanna wrapped up in white, Taylor wore trim turquoise, and Beyonce went blonde -- while Lady Gaga was totally tubular, Britney joined the no-pants club, and the Jersey Shore stars looked ... well, very Jersey Shore. What did you love and hate this year? To launch the 2010 Grammy red-carpet slideshow, click the "Gallery" button on the bottom left side of the photo below. More on the Grammys: On Pink's masterful performance and being true to my heart From Sociological Images: Fashion world still clueless about what naked non-white people look like ...more

Products You Just Can’t Live Without!

Today, more than ever, body image is a huge self-esteem issue for women and girls. We are constantly bombarded with messages about how to be perfect — Get Thin Fast; I Hate My Hair; Surgery-Free Boob Jobs; LongerLegs, Leaner Lines, Sexier Silhouette. Speaking in a recent issue of People magazine, the 23-year-old reality television celebrity and sage adviser Heidi Montag, who underwent 10 plastic surgeries in one day, admitted that she plans to “keep using surgery to make me as perfect as I can be.” And as Heidi knows all too well, beauty isn’t cheap. But even if you don’t have $30K to overhaul yourself in the New Year, AAUW resolves to make you the ideal woman from head to toe in 2010 with a few beauty products you would be loathe to do without....more

Hey babyface

Yesterday I was watching an advert for Maybelline Dream Creamy foundation. This is how it goes: 'Perfect looking skin? I want more.' What the WHAT? This is patent idiocy. What more could you want than perfection?  '100% baby-smooth-looking perfection', apparently. Hang on, let me get this straight: so it's not sufficient to aspire to the kind of perfect skin that very few women have anyway, now our aim must be to have the face of a baby? The kind of skin that, by definition, NO HUMAN, ADULT WOMAN CAN POSSIBLY HAVE? Well why don't you just shoot me now? If women buy into this ridiculous message, we are setting ourselves up for guaranteed misery....more

Makeup Bag Clean Out: Keep the Best, Toss the Rest

2010 is the year of de-cluttering. Do you know how I know this? Because I just declared it so for myself....more

Whenever I get a new makeup bag I always do a product cleanse - its so motivating to start ...more

Can Shopping Save Your Life??!?

 Ask anyone on the street if they believe exercise has  physical benefits.  Of course they will agree. How about mental benefits?  “Yep,”  to that as well.  But shopping?  Mental benefits?  I seem to be light years ahead of the average Joe where this is concerned as I’ve known this for most of my life........  Danielle

The Love Bank- Motivation For Moms

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with the children, my husband, the day-to-day drama of being at home, money (or lack-there-of) and by trying to make time for myself. I am trying to fit in exercise everyday (with wild children crawling all over me, or the treadmill, or the yoga mat), time for blogging, time for just taking general care of myself....more