Revlon 3D Mascara in Blackest Black Review

What looks to be a comparable brush to the Volume de Chanel. Gets every last lash and the smear/raccoon eye test at the end of the day was fine. If you are looking for a better than average drugstore product for your lashes this one will serve you well. Will be testing the Loreal Voluminous soon, stay tuned! I replace my mascara around when the seasons change--makes for an easy reminder. ...more

Target Talk

Your hot tip of the day is Target marks down beauty items on Fridays so head there ASAP so you get first dibs at the deep discounts! Speaking of Target… I have started taking the new Olly Beauty Vitamins they recently started carrying. They are gummy and taste like grapefruit. Yum yum for biotin for healthy skin, hair and nails! ...more

Eyeko and Lush Quickie

Super duper quick because this mama is tired, but wanted to jot down initial thoughts after day one of the Eyeko EyeDo Mascara and liner and Lush Magnaminty mask....more

3D Fiber Lash Mascara Review & GIVEAWAY!


My Magical Mascara

This. Is. It. I have found the perfect mascara and I am OBSESSED with it.Like many, I fell for the bright colors Maybelline and Cover Girl advertise. The big, chunky wands and packaging. The fun names of the different products. None of that matters – especially the commercials that clearly show the model wearing fake lashes. Does anyone really believe the mascara does that anyway?!...more


so, is the hefty (for a student budget anyway!) pricetag, of £19.50, for benefits latest "they're real!" mascara worth it?  I say YES! I've been using this mascara for about a year now and i have to say out of the many (trust me i mean maaaaany!) mascaras i have tried this is hands down the best and worth every penny!...more

The Best Splurge and Save Mascara

What can transform your look instantly? Lashes!  We are obsessed with long lashes. There is nothing sexier than having long eyelashes to bat at your date or significant other. If you have tried numerous products to get the look you want, then your search is over. We have tested all of these mascaras and have found them to be the best of the best!...more

I Found a Good One in Rimmel

I cannot be the only one...who loves fancy cosmetics, I love the care given to the packaging, the pleasant smells, and of course the great quality of designer makeup.  Unfortunately, my budget isn't always prepared for a fourteen dollar wand of mascara which leads to me walking up and down the three or four cosmetic aisles at Target with a blank stare on my face. ...more

Almay mascara

I don't wear a lot of makeup.  Actually, scratch that.  I don't wear any makeup except mascara (and that's been a more recent development).  I USED to wear makeup every day, but once we moved to Georgia and the humidity was so high I would sweat it all off before leaving my driveway, I quit going through the effort....more
@littlemisswordy Glad I could sell you on it!  Ha- I do actually really like it, despite the ...more

Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara Review

Hey Ya'll! I am very excited to share this mascara review with you! I think the kind of eyelashes I have are extremelyyy average. They not extremely short or thick or...anything. They are just kind of "blah" and they don't hold curl very well. Because of this, mascara usually disappoints me. It is one of those things that I notice a small difference if I wear it but not much. ...more