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It's been cold and stormy here in the San Francisco area, which means that my swimsuits have definitely been packed away for some time now. Lately I've been wearing tights either under my jeans (not just to keep warm, but because I have chronic sock-falling-down issues when I wear my fall boots) or with skirts. I've been taking ballet classes once a week since January, which means I'm running around in leggings (or tights again) on Saturdays. And since I've been reorganizing my wardrobe, I realized that except for two pairs of pants, all my pants are skinny....more

DIY Facemask (Alternate title: Bananas ARE good for something.)

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. A part of me gets all giddy at the thought of busting out all my newly-purchased fall clothes that I've been itching to wear but the other part of me is just ITCHY. You see, I live in a New York apartment building. They are reknowned the world over for their lilliputian dimensions, and in addition, their SWELTERING, MOISTURE-SUCKING HEAT during the cooler months. Almost overnight, as the telltale clank of the Lincoln Administration-era radiator system kicks in, my skin becomes papery, dry, and flaky. Awesome....more

I'm all for homemade facials. I'll give this one a try. My kids will think it's hilarious and ...more

Great skin - genetic or cosmetic?

This is one of those posts I shouldn't write because I know I'm jinxing myself. I will regret it, I'm sure. But here goes...I have great skin.Not that I don't the ocassional wayward breakout or undereye bags, and yes, there was this two-year period where every time I stepped on a plane to LA, I would arrive with a zit so huge between my eyes ("My LA Zit") that my colleagues on the other coast thought it was permanent. Lovely.But otherwise? Great skin. And having officially joined the legions of forty-somethings last month, I'm not complaining....more

I quit 8 years ago (whoo!) but I did smoke on and off for many years before that.

I ...more

Spa Days: Expert Tips on Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Eau Spa. ...more

Secret: Clinical Strength

Hey There! I received my sample of I received my sample of Secret Clinical Stregnth deodorant. It has a nice light and fresh scent. It's light on my skin not super thick or heavy where some other products can make your arms stick together. =) I have thoroughly enjoyed this item and plan on using this in the future. Try it out for yourself. Awesome product!...more

Lights. Camera. DMV.


Top Questions on Travel-Friendly Health and Beauty Solutions

I have the opportunity to talk with many women who travel ... women who travel for business, conferences and pleasure. When I share what Smart Women Travelers is all about, I get asked many questions on health and beauty while on the road. For this edition of Pearls of Travel Wisdom, I'm sharing these questions and solutions with you:Q: I really do not want to check a bag. So how do I bring my favorite facial care products with me in 3 oz. sizes or less?...more

Bon Vivant


Things I Think About When I Forget my Meds

I had no idea my dog is racist. It just doesn’t fit in with all of her other attributes…. http://www.amymusings.com/2009/09/15/things-i-think-about-when-i-forget-... ...more

Fifty is the new forever.

For a couple of generations at least, we’ve succeeded in blurring age lines - literally.  Aging doesn’t happen gradually anymore.  Now we age in clumps of time and style. First we’re very young - say teenagers.  Then we continue to dress like teens for at least another decade - sometimes two.  ...more