St. Tropez Self Tanner (because when you LIVE in Florida, you don't actually go to the beach)

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and St. Tropez. Despite the fact that I have a number of scars all over my body from suspicious moles my derm removed, I look better tan. Some people look beautiful pale -- I look like I've got the flu. But, between the fact that it is hot as all get out in Florida during the summer and, you know, that whole wanting to avoid skin cancer thing, I don't get much of a natural tan. ...more

Looking Younger: What Works - What Doesn't!

From new wrinkle relaxers to DIY at-home anti-aging, a cache of new "youth tools" promise we'll look younger faster and easier than ever. But do they work? RedDressDiary talked to the experts to find out! ...more

I Think I've Found the Best Fake Tan Ever

I need to tell you about a product that's changed my life. No, really, I know that sounds like hyperbole, and it's....well, okay, I guess it is kind of hyperbole; this product didn't give me a kidney or rescue me from a burning building, after all. But guess what it did do? It finally put an end to my quest for The Best Self-Tanner Ever, So Help Me God I Don't Want Orange Palms Anymore.  ...more

Have you and can you use on face?


Summery Favorites

During the summer months I have a hard time spending money on new stuff. Stuff like clothes. That's mostly because I have trips and vacations to plan for and also because I have two enormous growing boys who are constantly growing out of their clothes. That doesn't stop me from checking out new products and finding new favorites. In fact, I'm sort of inspired by summer fashions because it's the only time of year when I can take my time in searching for just the right color dress or lip gloss or hair product. During the school year there's just too much work I'm forced to do. ...more

During summer its fun and also comfortable to wear those colorful and bright floral dresses. Its ...more

6 Cosmetic Touch-Ups

Are fake boobs a faux pas? It all depends on who you ask. When it comes to cosmetic surgery we all have our own level of tolerance as to what is acceptable and how much plastic is pathological. But what if your smile makes you sad, or your eye sight is impairing your better judgment? Why should you suffer when a relatively minor procedure or fix can make you feel a whole lot better about yourself? ...more

The Best Serum for Dark Circles?

I've come across what I think is the best under-eye serum for dark circles.  I was reading several eye serum reviews and came across an eye serum that just looked too good to be true.  It's called Elite Serum, but let me just tell you how I stumbled into this product first and foremost. ...more

Aspirin and baking soda--to cure your complexion's hangover

BlogHer is coming up in a couple of weeks, which means the time has arrived to talk about hangovers and how to cure them. I'm not talking about the boring old-fashioned kind of hangover you get from drinking too much. I'm talking about the hangover your face gets from overindulging in makeup and sunscreen and under-indulging in skin care. Luckily enough, the answer to both problems is aspirin and baking soda. The Baking Soda Exfoliator ...more

Excellent advice! :-)more

The Internet Thinks You're Beautiful.

Would you care about the way you look if you were stranded on a desert island? Do you believe those closest to you when they tell you that you’re beautiful? If you’re like most people, the answer to both questions is probably no. ...more

For this post, and especially the link to shape of a mother.  What an amazing site.more

A+, would buy again!

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Origins. The biggest test I face whenever I get something new, is "would I buy this (again)?". It doesn't matter if I bought it myself or if it was a freebie -- the issue is, is it worth plunking down for at full price (if it was a sample) or again (if I'd already bought it)? ...more

Self-Tanning Help: What do I need to know?

I'm not gonna lie--I consider myself fairly knowledgeable when it comes to beauty products, their application, and tricks related thereto. My one Achilles' heel, if you will, is liquid eyeliner, but even that, I've (sort of) figured out.  And so, it is with a humble heart that I come to you today, quietly begging for help. ...more

Exfoliate the crap out of yourself beforehand.

MOISTURIZE before hand.  That orangey ...more