Eco, natural and organic cosmetics - are they really eco, natural or organic?

As the world goes greener (or at least talks a whole heck of a lot about going greener) I've started seeing a new infiltration of eco-cosmetic pitches in my overflowing inbox at Cool Mom Picks. There are organic moisturizers, all-natural eye shadows, cruelty-free cosmetics brushes. ...more

I never heard of Eminence, I will definitely check it out! Korres is not completely natural, ...more

Let's Talk About the Hair "Down There"

Women have many options in the, um, "private" grooming department - from a full-out wax to doing nothing and everything in between. The mere act of grooming “down there” is controversial to some - but this post isn’t about the societal implications of your grooming choices. I see it this way: Some women pierce and tattoo their bodies and others like to keep their skin intact. Just like a having a tattoo doesn’t automatically make you a badass (hate to break it to some of you), getting a brazilian wax doesn’t make you an accessory to the pornification of America. ...more

I'm sure that there are grandmothers who will always be bare-down-there and teens who choose ...more

Signature Scents - Why Not Create Your Own?

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Memoire Liquide. Scent is a pretty powerful thing. I mean, I'm not even going to pretend that I don't feel instantly hungry if I smell bread baking, and I don't think the scent of jasmine has ever failed to put a smile on my face. And if all of these smells have a strong effect on us, doesn't it make sense to wear a fragrance that makes us feel good and reminds those around us of, well, us? ...more

5 Things I Love

The Must Haves! The Have To Buys! The In Things! ...more

Hey Vered! I have heard SO much about Laura Mercier and now that you've mentioned her I am ...more

Going Green :] – Eco skin care and makeup

I have been trying so many different brands of skin care and makeup during the years to find some that really is gentle but still gives the skin what it need.  Lots of money have been spent on rather expensive product but without any positive results and sometimes even making the skin react in a negative way. ...more

Social Anxiety and the Pressure to Be Perfect

I believed as a teenager that if I were just pretty enough and smart enough and funny enough, that everyone would love me. I am an optimist and since it was clear that everyone did not love me, it followed that I must be challenged in one of the above referenced areas. Therefore I should just keep trying to be prettier, smarter and funnier for social bliss to ultimately come my way. ...more

I frankly did not understand this was a condition at all until I did some research and ...more

DO you love tattoos ??

PUT your pictures here ! ...more

a nice clean tat !!more

Tan I am

One of the things I dislike about the beginning of summer is exposing yards and yards of my white skin to the world. Summer clothes just seem designed to look better when you have a tan. And I don't get tan. My skin is so pale and transparent, I look like an illustration in Gray's Anatomy. Most of the time this doesn't bother me. It's who I am. I'm not going to hit the tanning beds. I'm not going to head to a Mystic Tan salon and strip down to my undies to get air-brushed by complete strangers. But I wouldn't mind picking up a little color. ...more

I gave up on self tanners a couple of years ago, after a few disastrous tries. Maybe it's ...more

Cheapskate is the new Black: How I'm cutting back on my fashion and beauty spending

I was getting dressed for work this morning when I saw that my sandals were showing off my gnarly toes.  I had a pedicure (minus the manicure) in late spring when I began wearing sandals again, but I can't afford to go back often.  My solution?  Put on my sandals, size up the direness of the situation, and then touch-up where needed.  I figure that my feet are rarely still anyhow, so the polish doesn't need to be perfect, just passing.  I may splurge for a special occasion (like that outdoor wedding I'm going to next weekend) ...more

I'm always looking for new ways to cut back--this was helpful!more