Cancer Circus Part III

Why do I keep writing about the past when the daily chronicles are dramatic and demanding enough? ...more

So what's hiding in your shampoo?

I have this weird thing where I am disproportionately concerned about things of concern to the mainstream media. When there's some widespread panic like Swine Flu I'm like "Eh...slow news week." But when it comes to issues no one is talking about, like the chemicals in beauty products, I'm all, "What are you hiding? Why aren't you reporting on this? Huh? Huh?" (And yes, I have authority issues.) ...more

Why Gardeners Rock or A Case for Plastic Surgery

"Here’s the thing,” I seem to be saying. “I really like flowers, but my eyes no longer open enough to fully enjoy their colorful fluorescence because of my gravity-challenged brows. And I think, doctor, I sincerely believe that I should be given an eye job for medicinal purposes — fully paid for by insurance, of course. Don’t you agree? ...more

We Try Out Marilyn Monroe's Favorite Beauty Products. Do They Still Work?

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Erno Laszlo. Everybody knows that Marilyn Monroe loved Chanel No 5, but do you know what her favorite beauty brand was? We do, and we got to try it out for ourselves! (Image Credit: Marilyn Monroe Collection) ...more

Hi, Roxanna,

I enjoyed reading your article. This is my first time to this page, and have ...more

I'm featured as a “Fly Female Entrepreneur” on In Her Shoes!

Please check it out here: ...more

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Spring Skin Care Must Haves (Spoiler Alert: Suncreen is involved.)

Despite the fact that I'm still shivering in a wool sweater (strike one), wearing winter boots (strike two) and wringing a "wintry mix" out of my windswept hair (strike three!), it seems that spring is here. ALLEGEDLY. One of my favorite things about spring is nerdishly sifting through my makeup steamer trunk bag, and getting rid of my heavy winter creams and products to make way for the light, dewy lotions and mists of spring.  ...more

A Clean Face For Spring

This Spring I have decided to finally drink from that elusive fountain. You know the one. The Fountain of Youth. I'm sure it comes in bottled water form at this point, yes? Perhaps not. I probably shouldn't be worrying about that because I really do consider those laugh lines that all women (and men!) get to be a sure sign that they have lived a happy life. Besides having a good disposition about life in general I want to be happy enough to live long enough to earn those laugh lines. I declare the wrinkle a beauty mark! ...more

Keep it clean and well-moisturized, ideally with a cream designed for the neck area.  I use ...more

I'll Be The One With The Hickies

When was the last time you had a hickey anyway? Hopefully it was around sixth or seventh grade, and you were smart enough to walk around in a scarf until it healed up. If it was last week, then you need to comment so that I can offer serious cover up advise privately. I thought about hickies for the first time in about thirty years because: The girl who rang my book order at Books-A-Million had a huge one in the front of her neck. I can only assume she was proud of it as she was a rather plain looking wench and it was proof she could get a lover ...more

Causes, Symptoms And Treatment For Acne

Acne is a skin condition that usually affects adolescents who are about to experience and currently experiencing puberty. This skin condition may also affect adults who are past the age of puberty. This is another skin condition entirely that has the symptoms of acne but the causes may be different. What Causes It? ...more