Stop Doing Those Facial Exercies! Give Yourself a Facial Massage Instead

A while back a college friend of mine contacted me via Facebook to tell me that she was doing facial exercises nightly in order to maintain and improve her appearance and thought that she was getting good results.  But she was wondering if perhaps she was just seeing things and if facial exercises actually work.  I quickly emailed her back with a link to Paula Begoun’s take on facial exercise which, in a word, is that they are bogus.  What are facial exercises anyhow? ...more

Raiding the Pantry: Making Your Own Beauty Products

                                                 One my biggest beauty misadventures occurred a very long ti...more

Simple Tricks To Control Facial and Scalp Dandruff

Dandruff is really common and it doesn’t just affect your scalp.  Do you know that the ‘dry’ skin in your eyebrows or around your nose could actually be facial dandruff, not really dry skin?I see a lot of patients with dandruff.  Doctors and scientists don’t know what causes dandruff and we don’t know how to cure it, but we have figured out some pretty effective ways to control it. ...more

Pollution and Your Skin

How often do you think about pollution?  Outdoor pollution or even indoor pollution?  If you are lucky enough to live in a place that is not adversely affected by pollution you might rarely give it a second thought.  Well today is a good time to give some thought to protecting both yourself and your skin on a daily basis...more

Great post, I especially found it useful where you stated about antioxidents. These are very ...more

Can You Erase Stretch Marks?

I think that stretch marks are up there with cellulite as one of the more annoying yet typical skincare issues that millions of people suffer from.  I keep seeing commercials on TV for creams that claim to get rid of ...more

Egg Yolk Facial Anyone?

Okay so let me start off with this warning: This facial is a little messy, and my egg yolk covered face is more than a little comical.  Enjoy looking at my enlarged pores, and blemish filled face, knowing full well that your skin is probably way better than mine.PRE FACIAL FACE: ...more

Out of Forehead Experience: The Dark Side of Botox

Ok, I admit it.  I’ve had Botox - once.  I had it done to the lines on my forehead.  The shots were basically painless, which is a good thing (but, we’re women, pain is irrelevant) And, the Botox did work in pretty much eliminating the lines.  Temporarily, of course.  The results lasted maybe 6 weeks.  But, here’s the kicker: I could not raise my eyebrows, at all, period.  It was like my forehead no longer belonged to me.  It wasn’t really numb to the touch, but I had absolutely no muscle control of the area.  It freaked me out!...more

I Otta (Not) Be in Pictures

I needed a photo of myself yesterday for some work I’m doing, something to go along with my bio. Just one of those head & shoulders shots....more

Body After Baby (what no one tells you) Hair Edition.

My body is astronomically different than it was before I had James. Okay, maybe that's a tad over exaggerated. My body is not as good as it was before I had James. It's a warzone. A battlefield....more

Mall Madness

Mall Madness I was so angry, absolutely livid, with myself.  I went to the mall to buy some new shoes.  As I’m walking through the mall, I allowed myself to get pulled in by a slick-talking, kiosk salesman and he sold me $300 worth of “magical” anti-aging face products.  All I wanted to do was go to the mal­­­l and buy a new pair of shoes.  Is that so wrong? On my walk to the shoe store, this dude sucked me in....more