Toner: What is It? Do You Need One?

I suspect that I am not the only person you spent a good deal of her high school years drying her face out with the use of toner.  I used a drying, alcohol based toner because I believed that this was a very necessary step in my skincare regime in order to prevent acne.  Luckily I finally realized that the use of an alcohol based toner was unnecessary in order to prevent acne.  It took me some more time to learn that not all toners are created equal and that there are some products labeled “toner” that actually can do some good things for your skin.  Let me...more

Paula Begoun: Friend or Foe to the Skincare Consumer?

If you are interested in cosmetic and skincare products you have probably come across Paula Begoun’s best-selling books and even visited her website.  In my estimation, Begoun is the best known and most prolific consumer advocate working today who concentrates solely on critiquing and evaluating the cosmetic and skincare industry.  Begoun and her staff are constantly turning our product reviews (of make-up, hair, and skincare products), answering questions from consumers, and researching ingredients.  In addition, Begoun even has her own line of skincare and make-up product...more

Are Parabens Safe for Use in Skincare Products?

I have been asked more than once if it is safe to use skincare products that contain parabens.  My answer would be yes.  Let me explain why. What Are Parabens? ...more

Give Your Hands Some TLC

I think many of us don’t think about our hands enough.  When it comes to skincare almost everyone concentrates on caring for their face and neglects their hands.  Your face may be wrinkle and line free (and acne free as well), but in the end your hands are covered with sun spots and full of wrinkles.  It is time to treat your hands with as much respect as you would your face. ...more

No Mixing Allowed: Skincare Ingredient Combinations to Avoid

So you’ve researched what skincare products to buy and finally made your purchase.   But did you know that if you use different skincare products at the same time you could actually cancel out the benefits of the very ingredients you purchased the product for? Don’t mix copper peptides and vitamin C -  using the two together, even if they are in separate products, just cancels out the effects of both. ...more

Help for Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation, or dark spots, blotches, or areas on the skin, affects many people.  Hyperpigmentation occurs when the body over produces pigment, leaving a mark on the skin.  There are three main kinds of hyperpigmentation caused by three different factors .  No matter what type of hyperpigmentation you have there are many solutions. ...more

Amped Up Cleansers: Do They Work? Are They Worth the Money?

Until recently I had always figured that buying a cleanser with strong added ingredients, such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid, was a waste of money.  Didn’t all those ingredients just get washed down the drain?  Weren’t you wasting your money?  It seemed better to buy a lotion, moisturizer, or serum with those potent ingredients than a cleanser. ...more

High-Tech Skincare Help

Back in November The New York Times reported that the Dutch company Philips, who are known for their electronics, appliances, lighting, and healthcare products, introduced a machine that could analyze a person’s skin almost instantly.  Called Crystalize the machine uses high-tech video cameras to take extreme c...more

Valentine's Day for Feminist Lovers

I know that some people believe that "feminist" and "lovers" do not belong in the same sentence, either because feminists are horrible people incapable of love (especially heterosexual love, which is why we never shave our pits or legs or bikini lines) or because feminists are horrible people that no one else is capable of loving (because we never shave our pits or legs or bikini lines).Pat Robertson famously opined that, "Feminism is a socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians." Obviously anyone who engages in feminism must be terrible....more

(I'm making the gesture Mr. Burns uses when he's excited.) 

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