Hey babyface

Yesterday I was watching an advert for Maybelline Dream Creamy foundation. This is how it goes: 'Perfect looking skin? I want more.' What the WHAT? This is patent idiocy. What more could you want than perfection?  '100% baby-smooth-looking perfection', apparently. Hang on, let me get this straight: so it's not sufficient to aspire to the kind of perfect skin that very few women have anyway, now our aim must be to have the face of a baby? The kind of skin that, by definition, NO HUMAN, ADULT WOMAN CAN POSSIBLY HAVE? Well why don't you just shoot me now? If women buy into this ridiculous message, we are setting ourselves up for guaranteed misery....more

How to have half-decent skin. Or not, as the case my be.

I was going to post part 3 of my 'How to have half-decent skin' series today, and I did actually start writing it. And then I stopped. The fact is, I was feeling like a bit of a fraud because today I don't really have half-decent skin at all. In fact, I am seriously contemplating refusing to leave the house or answer the doorbell for several days until a couple of particularly evil erumpent spotules have vamoosed. ...more

Is Botox Out in 2010?

A new year and a new decade always bring a contagious feeling of hope and optimism. This year, I've hitched my hopes on a new trend in beauty: According to Beatrice Aidin of the Financial Times, 2010 will be the year where the Botox craze will finally end....more

For my wedding I decided to get Botoxed. I hated it. Being a very facially expressive person ...more

The Love Bank- Motivation For Moms

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with the children, my husband, the day-to-day drama of being at home, money (or lack-there-of) and by trying to make time for myself. I am trying to fit in exercise everyday (with wild children crawling all over me, or the treadmill, or the yoga mat), time for blogging, time for just taking general care of myself....more

How to have half-decent skin: step 2 of 4

After cleansing, step 2 in any sensible skincare regime is moisturising. Although here I must take a quick tangent on the subject of toners. And by toners what I mean is unnecessary bottles of expensive water and alcohol....more

The Possessionista: cure to your December shopping hangover - 31 days of fashion/beauty/shopping giveaways

December is like a Friday night in college. You have waaaay too much to drink and end up with a killer hangover, and a resolve not to do it again next week....more

From Sotomayor to The Cost of Being Female: Feminism in 2009

The end of the year is for reflection.  I like to take a look back at all the feminism & gender issues I covered for BlogHer.  Since it's hard for me to remember what happened an hour ago, let alone in July or, heaven forbid, January, this is an important exercise for me. It reminds me what feminists accomplished, what still needs to be done, and what I'll can only laugh about or else I'll be curled up in the fetal position whimpering.  This year, I sorted stories by topic. 1sts ...more

Given how much I missed and my own personal biases on the issues, I would love if people ...more

Support Women: Say No to the Bo-Tax!

I am an idiot. For almost five months now, I have been worrying that any national health plan that was passed by Congress would not cover abortion services. It turns out that I have been wringing my hands over the exact wrong thing. What really, really, really scares American women - including the president of NOW, Terry O'Neil - are proposals levy an "almost 5%" tax on critical women's health services: breast augmentations, facelifts, tummy tucks and other procedures. Gasp!!!! ...more

Ultimately, I think this means that unless there are more people in elected positions with ...more

It's (Almost) a New Year. Out With The Old Products and In With The New: What Are You Buying?

It all started about a month ago when my friend Holly mentioned that she purchased a Clarisonic Mia facial brush of magic. And then a renewed lust for beauty products spiraled from there and now there are lists upon lists of potions and lotions that I'd like to try. ...more