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Einstein, Mascara and Chicken Wings

 The truth of the matter is we’ve been inside writing for far too long and are looking kind of pasty.   So we got a little over excited when we popped into Sephora for a little afternoon pick-me-up. Since we’re only human, we waaaaaay overbought. You know how that cosmetics candy rush feels—so many products, so many colors, so many forms to play with: brush on, roll on, schmear-on, hard, soft, foaming…...more

Thanks, Roz. So nice to get a personal reply. I'll skip the eyeliner-- am really clumsy with ...more

Chakra Cleansing

Making Sense of Chakra Cleansing TherapyChakra cleansing, or balancing, is a popular alternative healing therapy that involves the seven energy centers along the midline of the human body. The concept of chakras has its roots in ancient Vedic philosophy, according to which the proper functioning of our body and mind depends on these chakras....more

Save Money & the Planet With Baking Soda: How Many Uses Can You Think Of?

I hear people bemoaning the high cost of "going green." And while organic food does cost more than its chemical-laden counterpart, I'm here to tell you that it's easier to spend more for healthy food when you save money in other ways. We can skip many of the green cleaners, deodorizers, and personal care products, most of which are fairly expensive. Why? Because baking soda is our friend. What's so great about baking soda? ...more

I have been starting to "go green" with my housecleaning products. I mostly just use water in ...more

Did you ever wonder where you belong?


Makeup chemicals you should avoid

Just because the bottle says so, we believe it. "100% natural" is what we see as we continue to slather it onto our faces everyday. If your really looking to improve your skin, or keep it from getting any worse (as the continous use of these products will do in the long run) you should start checking out the labels on the back of products to see whats really inside. ...more

Blushing and Sweet!

Hi!Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Marie, I am a 32 year old woman living in Montreal, Canada. First I want to say how wonderful I think your site is. It's a place where women can connect and feel empowered. I'm so happy I found you! I found some other great blogs on your site as well and I noticed there aren't very many blogs from Canada, particularly Montreal....more

Skin Care Favorites

    I know it’s only the middle of autumn but I’m already feeling the effects of the chilly weather on my skin. My arms are feeling a little itchy and dry and my elbows – well, I’m having a hard time seeing them,  but they feel kind of rough. My feet are another issue and now is the time to head off future problems involving cracked heels and flaky skin. ...more

Moisturizing for Eczema and Dry Skin Defense

Eczema is not pretty. It's painful and itchy and looks it. It's often described as a bad case of dry skin, but it's not quite that simple. Eczema is basically a reccuring rash, often afflicting the same areas of the body again and again - the neck, the inside and/or outside of the elbows and knees, the backs of legs and buttocks, etc. etc. When my son had his first eczema flare-up, I had no idea what I was dealing with, and I scurried around trying to relieve what I thought was a diaper rash gone mad....more

Just wanted to tap in on some of your wisdom! I am looking in to bringing a European fabric to ...more