Becareful what you wish for....

On the first morning that I was away on my business trip, I checked my Blackberry and discovered that Alex, the cat, sent me an email:

Hi Mommy!

Want to know what happened?

I sat up early this morning on my mommy's side of the bed. I just sat up there, looking all around. I didn't lie down. I couldn't rest. I just sat up. Finally, my daddy woke up. I asked him, "Where is my MOMMY??????"

Daddy said you were away for work and that you would be home tomorrow afternoon.

I didn't like that answer!!! Not one bit… So I looked him square in the eye and yelled, "STUPID Daddy!" Then, I jumped off the bed. I was done talking to HIM!

When are you coming home??????????????? Is it tomorrow yet????????????????????

Your son,

I called my husband, Marc, as soon as I read this. The email didn't come as a surprise to him. He told me that Alex was quite upset, and that he kept asking what Marc did with me. He also explained that Alex feels very bad, because when he told me last week that it was time for him to "trade up", and get a mommy that can wake up at a reasonable hour, he was only kidding.

Do you think that will mean I can sleep later than 3:30-4:00 this week?


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