No One Wants a Plain Red Notebook for Back-to-School!

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[Editor's Note: I loved back-to-school shopping when I was a kid, solely because it meant a new year of Lisa Frank folders, notebooks, pencils, backpacks and so on. As BigMama points out, she decided to forgo the PTO's pre-packaged back-to-school supplies because she understands that sometimes a girl wants a fun folder. However, just because she understands it doesn't mean that back-to-school shopping isn't headache inducing. Have you finished up your shopping -- headaches or not -- yet? -Jenna]

Because Everyone Knows the Right Glue Stick Is the Key to Education:

"hey rosie! can you hold that lisa frank folder thing?"Yesterday was the day I’ve been dreading since April 25th. Why April 25th? That was the official deadline to sign up for the pre-packaged school supplies provided by the PTO. All I had to do was write a check and we could show up for Meet the Teacher and receive a handy, shrink-wrapped package full of all our necessary school supplies.

But I didn’t do that.

Mainly because I was totally scarred by a heaping dose of mother guilt when Caroline was in first grade and her teacher handed her a generic red notebook from her pre-packaged supplies and Caroline said, “No way would my mom buy me a plain red notebook.” And she’s right. Because I appreciate that sometimes a girl needs a notebook featuring a baby seal or a kitten snuggled up with a ball of yarn.

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