Because I Played Sports

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I’ve done a lot of self-discovery and noticed something about myself
that I never thought to be true. As a female athlete, I have a leg-up.
I have values that are important to becoming successful.

By participating in sports as a kid, I was setting myself up for
successful opportunities, long after I hung up my sneakers. All of that
hard work, all of those years of obsessing over practices, coaches’
impressions, newspapers, rankings, everything… it has all come full
circle. It’s true, what the NCAA says — most of us go professional in
something other than sports.

I believe that healthy, active lifestyles are the only way to live.
And by simply paying attention and reading as much as you can, you’re
empowering yourself beyond measure. And as a woman, when you empower
yourself, it’s ok to call yourself a feminist.

THAT is what my blog is all about.