Because Let's Face It... I'm Making It Up As I Go

My son is nearly four months old. In the past four months I've seen him change from a wide eyed, close fisted newborn to a sweet, little man with his own personality. He's an incredibly good baby and has been sincle birth. These days he's constantly smiling, cooing and waving his hands with excitement.

As a first time mom I have no idea what I'm doing and whether or not I'm doing anything right. I wonder if I'm giving him enough tummy time, holding him too much or not holding him enough.

When he turned two months old he outgrew his cosleeper and I thought he should move to his own crib in his own room. After two nights of separation anxiety, (I think I was the one that was anxious), I decided to move his crib in with us. He was crying. I was crying. What was the point. I realized there was no need to move him away from us so quickly.

He's exclusively breastfed and on those nights when I just couldn't sleep for more than an hour and half at a time I pulled him into bed beside me. Yes, that's right, we coslept despite the fact that so many people told me I shouldn't do it.

I get advice from people all the time. You should do this. You should do that. That will cause an issue further down the road.

In response, I simply say, "I'm winging it." He is my first child. 

In the beginning I tried to follow all the rules. Now I question what rules I was trying to follow. So what if I need to use a swing to help him to sleep every so often, so what if his crib is now in my room, so what if he refused a bottle and is exclusively breastfed. 

Every family does things a little differently and every child is inherently different. At the end of the day I want what's best for my son. I know I won't get it right every time, but for now he seems pretty happy and sweet so I like to believe I must be doing something right.

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