~ because my best friend swears cardio won't help anyone lose weight ~

My best friend is also trying to lose weight ... like the rest of the world.  When we have weight loss successes, even when it's a pound, we text each other for support.  We also text each other when we seem to be leveling off.  Recently when I was experiencing one of these plateau sort of weeks, my friend asked, "Maybe the cardio isn't working? I mean, I know it's good for your heart, but you should be doing something more to lose weight"  My immediate reaction was to google the hell out of this ... I mean, I go to the gym 4 times a week (on top of once weekly yoga) and it's my bread n butter in this dieting equation.

So what did I find out?  Well here we go ....

Dr Oz is my go-to guy when it comes to health.  I find him honest and interesting ... and sort of cute if you like the oldish dorky type ... 

He says:

"While I recommend different kinds of physical activity in different circumstances(including resistance exercise, walking, and stretching), the way to improve heart function is to sweat more than a kid in the principal's office. Cardiovascular activity lowers both the top systolic (the pressure being exerted when your heart contracts) and the bottom diastolic (the pressure in the arteries when the heart is at rest) numbers of your blood pressure. Cardiovascular exercise may also be helpful because it makes your blood vessels more elastic by forcing them to dilate." (www.doctoroz.com)

Ok, so she's right about the HEART ... but what about the weight?!? 

So my next google entry:  http://exercise.about.com/cs/weightloss/a/cardiowtloss.htm

Didn't click on the link?? Ok, here's the bullet points ... (literally)

  • Cardio helps you lose weight in COMBO with other activities (strength training and healthy diet)
  • You need to burn more calories than you take in (if this is news to you, you're probably reading the wrong article)
  • Average person needs approximately 60 minutes of cardio "most" days of the week

So is cardio helping me?  Who knows, BUT it can't be hurting right?? So at the end of the day, I'll continue with the cardio ... AND the yoga.



"Why am I covered in feathers?"


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