Because Our Marriage is Built on a Bedrock of Trust and Fertile Soil

I walked around my gardens yesterday, looking for tulip and daffodils poking through Winter’s snowy remnants. I’m ready for Spring, as is the 50-gallon garbage can in our garage that is full to the brim with table scraps I’ve been collecting since the cold weather settled in for good last Fall. I knew I wouldn’t stay on top of the composting if I had to walk across the lawn in the dark and cold every day to dump scraps in the compost bin on the far corner of the property line. So I devised this “holding tank” a few steps off the kitchen, as an experiment.

I learned that it takes a family of four less than three months to fill a 50-gallon garbage can with uneaten dinners from kids’ plates, and overlooked produce from the fridge. And I learned that as long as I keep it out of sight, my husband can tolerate a family tradition — stockpiling food scraps to feed the worms...[please continue reading HERE]


Amy Kehoe


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