Make the Parade More Interesting: Play Thanksgiving Day Parade Bingo!

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It's Thanksgiving week! Time to be with family and friends, eat ourselves into a coma, and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.

I'm going to share a little secret with you: I have not made Thanksgiving dinner since 2005. And it's not because we go to relatives' houses -- because we don't. It is because the Husband makes the dinner. He makes all of the sides and we buy the turkey from a ham store. Well, technically, we buy it as part of a charity drive Chase Bank has every holiday in my building.

 Free Thanksgiving Day Parade Bingo

I want to share another secret: I think that the Thanksgiving parade is boring. I buy into it every year, and have it playing in the background in one of the rooms of the house. I grew up watching it but I don't think the kids know what it is.

I was thinking about all those Thanksgiving Day parades today as my mom and I talked on the phone. I thought it would be nice to join her to watch it this year. It will just be me and the kids this year on the big day, so why not? Mom lives in a nursing home and won’t be able to come to our house. My only problem is the kids. They can only “visit” for so long until they are watching TV. Since they have never watched the parade, how will I make it enjoyable? They won’t be able to just run off and play if they are bored.

I vaguely remember something about parade bingo but alas, I did not pin it. So I made my own Thanksgiving Day Parade Bingo! I grabbed pictures of balloons, floats, and some entertainer info from the Macy’s parade website and created my own bingo cards.

There are ten bingo cards. Some have only balloons and some cards are mixed with floats and entertainers. Santa is on all of them. You can make it as hard as you want with the ones that are mixed by being very specific as in Marine marching band vs just a marching band or a float vs the Build-a-Bear float.

The only kid star that was included on the website's line up is Arianna Grande, so I added her to some of the cards. I could not resist adding Miss America, but they are not on all pf them and you can easily pick the cards you like or don't like.

I think it turned out sort of fun and my third grader seemed intrigued. Fingers crossed it keeps them busy at grandma’s on Thursday.

To download the free bingo printable go here. It is watermark free, too.


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