Becky Jorgensen

Becky Jorgensen currently designs and produces online sewing workshops on her site, blabs about all things crafty on her blog and sells her patterns in her shop

After being an area rep for the Utah Quilt Guild for 3 years, and a president of a local quilt group she founded in 2010 -an online sewing workshop site with patterns designed by top sewers and crafters. After revamping the site she has just re-launched it again and has joined forces with other crafters to include a monthly e-zine. She loves to provide a place for sewers to learn something new, share with others, and connect worldwide.

Blogging for over 4 years she has learned the ‘tricks’ on building a community using her crafty enthusiasm. She has been selling her quilt and doll patterns for just as long and every month it seems like there is a new pattern jumping out of her sketch book.

Becky has been sewing since she was 8 years old and has never been able to follow the instructions properly. This has led her to design a quilt series ‘cranky’, letting go of the standard rules of quilting. Her latest project has been converting a cold storage building in the backyard to her own personal sewing cottage. Where she will continue to develop new workshops, design new patterns and quilt for others.