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I’m totally stealing The Bloggess' Rules for Life idea, and then Lauren Filing-Jointly's theft of that idea. Why? Because this is my blog and I can do what I want. OR, because I’m a little slammed at work AND I really love lists. And telling people what to do.
Also, because obviously I’m someone who should definitely be dolling out life advice, so…..enjoy!    


Don’t run in flip flops in the rain. Trust me. 

Sometimes go to bed angry. For real. Sometimes you guys just need to SLEEP, wake up, realize that nighttime is not the right time, and everything seems much more dramatic than it is. Just go to bed. 

But if you can muster up an “I’m sorry” or an “I love you” before bed? Even better. Or at least, like, do that thing where you sort of reach out to the other person in the dark and touch their arm or something. This will melt even the coldest of hearts. Unless you were seriously dumb, in which case, go to bed, wake up in the morning super-early, and make me chocolate chip pancakes.

Don’t ever wear acid washed anything. Not even ironically. Oh my God.
Listen to your gut. And if you don’t do that, listen to your best friend.
Please don’t say “hot water heater.” Guess what? The fact that it heats water makes it a WATER HEATER. That’s it.
Don’t correct people constantly when they say things like ‘hot water heater,’ even if it makes you want to die. It just makes you look kind of douche-y and makes the other person like you less.
Unless you’re a parent. And then it is your duty to correct your kids when they speak improperly so they don’t turn into adults who I want to correct all the time.
Laugh as often as possible because you should never pass up an opportunity to have a little fun and not take yourself, or life, too seriously. Also, I think it burns calories?
Nobody knows how to fold a fitted sheet. Nobody. Don’t even tell me that you have the secret, because you don’t, and it’s not even important anyway, so let’s just drop it.
Forgive but don’t forget. Also, nobody can really forget anyway, so it’s just better to actually forgive someone so that when you remember what they did you’re all like “Oh, but I forgave them for that, so it’s ok.”
Say please and thank you.
Add flare. Seriously, at least every single day, add one piece of flare to your day, whether it be glitter shoes, pink pants, or even just a slightly more flare-y color to your toenails. Because life is too short to not sparkle a little. Also, clearly this is advice for men and women.
Don’t spend too much time on Facebook, or Pinterest, or Twitter, or blogging. Because guess who the most boring people are? The ones who live their lives online. Go outside. Go live life.
Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Eat dessert. Because guess what? That’s what treadmills are for. And once in a while there’s nothing better than some empty calories. Plus, you can do that thing that I notice skinny people doing where they inexplicably don’t finish the whole dessert. I know, I don’t understand it either, but apparently it’s a thing.
And finally….Be kind. It sounds ridiculous and clichéd, but it’s amazing how far a little kindness can go. And this goes for being kind to yourself as well. The best advice I ever heard about this was from someone so wise that I can’t remember their name. But basically, take a look at yourself as a kid, and remember that you’re still that kid. Treat yourself the way you’d treat that child in the picture (with kid gloves – BOOM – it was just sitting there, you had to know I was going to pick it up).  
But seriously. Just give yourself, and others, a break already.
Thanks to The Bloggess and Lauren Filing-Jointly for the inspiration.
What would you add? 


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