becoming mama

I've been a mom for four years now and it's been the biggest adventure of my life. in four years I've shed my old skin in favor of a much more comfortable fitting one.

I'm insanely in love with the man and boy who made me a mom! they make me laugh from my gut and gush in loving wonder every single day.

my dear, sweet, magnificent partner, Mar. he has been my strength and balance. he has been the very definition of hustle and has done a damn good job of taking care of his family on his own terms. my pride is massive.

my love, my love, my love.....oh, my love.

my kid is friggin awesome! he makes me feel like I'm the world's best mom even though I think he pretty much raises himself. he's deliriously happy, strong and healthy and crazy smart. he's proof that my karma is good or at least it was in another life.

me and my men love each other fiercely and I don't question that one bit. that makes my mother's day and everyday magnificent. I'm discovering my inner domestic diva; my gift for and joy in taking care of my home (and fancy cleaning products!). I adore motherhood.

happy mother's day to every mom and mom-to-be out there. motherhood is a daring, beautiful experience and one I wouldn't trade for anything.

Rashida 'HotMamaShida' Simmons

ps. live immensely, love intensely.

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