Becoming a Pom-pom Mom

Today (April 12, 2014) is my 21st wedding anniversary and also the due date of my 2nd child! I know it sounds crazy, but having been an ‘empty nester’ for the past few years, I realized how much I have missed being a mother to a little one. When we talked about adding to our family at such a late date, I ran the whole gamut of emotions, of course. But in the end, I decided that the rewards more than outweighed the challenges!

 So, I am truly looking forward to having an opportunity to apply the lessons I learned with the first one, as well as some new ‘mothering manners’ I’ve gained through reading books and blogs about ‘what to expect when you’re expecting’. I have long forgotten the feedings, feces, and fears I endured as a first-time mother, and now await the chance to bestow all my worldly ways and wisdom upon this wonderful little wee one.

 It’s a girl, so I know I’m in for umpteen years of care and concern, worry and responsibility, helping and holding back, and the eventual heartache that will come, when it’s time for this one to go. Nevertheless, I am at the point of no return. I’m committed. Today, I will bring into my world, a tiny masterpiece made of pure bred Pomeranian puppy!! That’s right, the closest I’ve ever been to motherhood is when I’ve gone to the dogs (or in my case, the dog breeder).

a new netsukeSo, now I present to you our little newbie, “Netsuke”! 

Netsuke (actually a plural word) have been a significant part of my life for a long time, as my husband and I have been collecting these ‘17th century, Japanese, miniature sculptures of great artistic merit, and expression of extraordinary craftsmanship’ since we were first married. Now, after 21 years together, we have established a life in Japan, and acquired the most incredible, beautiful, and intricate ‘netsuke’ we have ever encountered!

 The only difference is, this one won’t be put on a shelf among dusty others. She’ll be put on a pedestal, and displayed like no other!

So, stay tuned for what’s next with our new little “Netsuke”.


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