Becoming Pure Action: Self help books and programs are a guide not an end.

I love reading self help books, taking all the free on line programs then I realized that you can get so caught up in reading, thinking about, participating in self help programs that you lose the point.  Which is to put all that you've learned into action!  Honestly the themes are pretty similar to live the life that you desire and want.  Instead of just doing the work to be your best we all just becoming self help junkies!  Looking for something that we can just read and like magic everything changes and we have all that we want by just thinking about it.  Now we all know that never happens. Self help books and programs are just a guide to help you get to where you desire. The important ingredient in the program is you. You need to do the work, to make the changes, to live and act differently before you can move on to the next level. Don't get stuck in the weeds, the details, the inactive part of your journey to self awareness.  At some point you've had enough reading, courses, videos: It's time to move on to active part of your personal growth and development.

It's that way anytime you try to make a change: if you just think about it nothing ever happens.  You need to act, to be proactive, set you intention and do it.

So before you sign up for another program, buy another book, read another article about how to achieve all that you want, stop, ask yourself, is this what I really need?  When I look at people I see who achieve so much, who just get it done, I realize they have one common thread: They are just pure action.  Instead of thinking about how they want to do this, or achieve that, they just do it.  They don't let anything stop them, they have no doubts and if they don't succeed they just brush it aside and move on.  Some how they have silenced that pesky little voice that says you can't do this, or your not good enough, you know what I am talking about.  All those doubts that we've stored away like a squirrel stores away nuts for future use, just ignore them, throw them out! Finally just put that old tired story to be, it wasn't even a good one.  Move forward instead of walking in place.  Become pure action by learning to just do what you are thinking.  If you want to make changes in your life just put those changes into action.  Let's say you want to find a new job, instead that long list that pops up in your head as to why you can't find a new job, just start looking and don't let anything stop you.  Be that way with all that you want to do and change. If you act instead of I like to stay stalling(which is what I use to do) the changes will follow effortlessly into your life.  You will be amazed at how simple and easy it is to just act without listening to all those reasons that have stopped you in the past.

One of my favorite children books that I loved to read to my children is the "Little engine that could". I always told them when ever they how doubts just remember the little engine and say I think I can.  If you think you can, you can.  Just do it, don't doubt or over think it, just be pure action. Act with focus on what you want effortlessly getting the results that you desire.


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