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For years environmentalists have been promoting reusable shopping bags to cut down on the amount of plastic bag waste generated by grocery stores. Although I loved this idea in theory, I must confess I've been a slow adopter. I found it hard to remember to take bags to the store, and often the bags were too small. Now I've found a bag that works for me, and I'm finally developing the reusable shopping bag habit.

No surprise to anyone who knows me that the bag that's changed me from a wanna-be reusable bag carrier to a fairly consistent user is the jumbo bags being sold by Costco. I'm a huge Costco fan anyway, (and the fact that they're widely recognized as being such an employee-friendly, progressive company doesn't hurt.) As soon as I spotted this bag at Costco, I was pretty sure it was going to be a bag I could learn to love. Below is the bag Costco sells, and it's sturdy, huge, and has two sets of handles which makes it easy to carry even with a big load of groceries. And at a price of only $3.29 for three bags, I can afford enough to always keep some in the car.

Costco Shopping Bag
Now admittedly, my Costco bags are not the prettiest. Having a bag that looks good isn't as important to me as having a bag that's big, sturdy, and easy-to-carry. But if you'd like a bag with a bit more fashion appeal, other food bloggers have some suggestions.

Food writer Dorie Greenspan lives in New York and Paris and last year she showed her favorite French nylon shopping bag.

Pim from Chez Pim is clearly a fan of re-usable bags, and she recently posted a fantastic collection of bag options she's discovered, all of which are clearly not a plastic bag and quite attractive.

Paris grocery stores stopped giving bags last year, according to Clothilde from Chocolate and Zucchini. She's not a fan of the jumbo re-usable shopping bags sold by her market, but in a recent post on re-usable shopping bags, she shows off some bags she does like.

Ximena from Lobster Squad in Spain raves about a reusable bag site that she loves.

Knit Shopping Bag

Finally, at One Hot Stove in Missouri, Nupur is learning to crochet and she's made her own reusable cotton bag, shown above. With a bag as lovely as that, why would you ever want to use plastic?

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