Becoming a Single Mother by Choice

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I have shared with all of my son’s teachers about his unique family. Many children have a different kind of “normal” at home, whether it is a single mom raising them or two moms or two dads raising them. Telling my son’s teachers allowed them to be more sensitive to topics (such as family day).

Things that Make Life Easier for a Single Mom by Choice

Issa hits the nail on the head by talking about growing your own village. Though I am a single mother, I have never once felt like I was raising my son alone. Between my mother (who is very active in my son’s life) and my friends, we have a tight support system. If you don’t have family nearby, establish the friends that you can lean on like family.

If you discover that your current friends are not able to support you the way you need them to, be proactive in finding ones that can. There is a national network for single mothers by choice called SMC. You can begin by finding a group online, and many have in-person meetups. (You can also always find me on my blog and wave hello!)

What About Dads?

I know that some people worry about role models, especially for boys, in homes where there is no father. I can understand this. It is important for me to talk about fathers with my son, because if he is lucky, some day he will get to be one. We talk about fathers as being parents. When he tends to his stuffed bunny rabbits and affectionately puts them to bed, I compliment him on being a good father.

Did you ever consider being a single mother by choice? Do you have single friends who you think are musing about it? What advice would you give a woman that tells you that she is thinking of becoming a single mom by choice?

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