Becoming Wadoo

Just when you think your day couldn't get worse as your typing a psychology paper for class, It actually gets BETTER! Your sister-in-law texts you a picture of her ultrasound! 10 weeks. It's the cutest peanut I have ever seen. Keep reading to learn how this relates to being a "Wadoo"

Sisters are, just by nature your best friends, especially as you grow up. I have grown closer to my own two sisters now that we're all married but they both live far away, including my sister-in-law. Sister's-in-law are special in their own way. They come with the benefits of sisters but you don't have any baggage from growing up together. You don't have a past together but you get to build a future together.  One of the best things about sisters are the babies that will become your nieces and nephews. Before they're born you pray for them and love them. You hope with all your heart that they love the lord and will become disciples of their generation.


My sister Cayton is a twin. Her twin's name is Chelsea. Chelsea passed away at the age of five to cancer. Although I never got to grow up with her on earth and I will never get to see her with babies of her own, I still have my sisters Cayton, Madison, and because of God's goodness he gave me a third sister again, Anjel, through my husband. My sister's and I all married a man, who had one sister. Through our marriages we each got our third sister. Not to replace Chelsea, but to remind us how good God is. They are our blessings on this earth and a third earthly sister to get nieces and nephews from.

Anjel my sister-in-law

I'm going to be a "Wadoo" for the first time. It's the first thing I ever started calling my Aunt Laura. I just haven't given it up. It's the name that to me means, your aunt is your best-friend, sister and like your mom, a spiritual mentor. A Wadoo is someone who texts you throughout the week, to see if there is anything she can pray about for you, or just to send goofy pictures to. I have always wanted to be a Wadoo to a bunch of kids. For me it's almost more exciting then becoming a mom. it's just something that I have always been excited about.

Wadoo, sister's Cayton and Madi on her wedding day

It's crazy to think that I am getting to the point in my life where I can understand how and why my Aunt Laura (Wadoo) and my Uncle Doug loved us and cared for us so much. My aunt is like a sister to me. She's actually close to each of my sister's and me. Which is why I can't wait for Anjel to have her baby. We wont know if it's a boy or girl for a few weeks now, but I am so ready to find out. I will love the baby no matter the gender but it will make shopping a little bit easier.

The excitement that comes with finding out your sister is having a baby is insane. I now understand why my Aunt Elaine sprung from her chair and ran around jumping and screaming when my mom announced she was pregnant with me. I did the same thing my aunt Elaine did, when I got the text from Anjel, unfortunately, for me, I was on the toilet.



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