bed rest boogie

baby changing table

Iwent to my doctor this week, Tuesday actually. Everything is fine with the baby, he is healthy and doing good.Me? Well, I am still contracting and still in pain. Good news is the hospital was able to stop whatever was happening. Still in pain but at least he is ok.  I was still placed on bed rest and have to make it to 36 weeks.

Can I make it? Can I mentally handle it?  At this moment I feel it may be ok. However, yesterday was rough.I so badly wanted to do things my self. From wash a dish or throw stuff away, I was a prisoner to my issue.Stood too long and contracted, sat too long and felt lazy.

When you are on bed rest you get treated differently. You get treated as though you are helpless. I know, I know it isn't as though I can do much but mentally I felt this way. It is hard going from running around and working to sitting and layjng down. 80% down 20% up. That is my sentence, it is for agood reason. But, I am wondering when cabin fever will kick in.

Keeping busy? I am trying to I thank the stars above that I have magazines to read, ebooks to focus on, food network to watch,and my glorious blogs to obsess over. I miss being able to shop but Amazon has become my outlet as well as other shopping sites. I just ordered the changing table and want to play on babies r us. So,far I think I will be ok, and perhaps appreciate this quiet time. Till then I will continue doing what I am doing! Thanks for all the support!  I apologize forany errors my tablet does not do so well here.


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