Bedrock is Crumbling!!

Quite recently, I was doing research on the best kind of vitamins for my nephew and came across an article called “Beware of the Flintstones!” Right away, the article grabbed my attention because they were my favorite kind of vitamins as a kid. I us to gobble them up like candy because they tasted so good! Not only did they taste good but they were fun too. I would play games with them and so on. But before I get too far into my past let’s keep moving forward. I began reading the article about the Flintstone vitamins and right away became mortified! Did you know that the Flintstone vitamins offer far too much iron and vitamins A, D, E and K that could cause serious overdose symptoms? I had no idea! This explains why I would eat about five of them and then end up in the restroom for hours at a time! Also, since the iron content is so high in these vitamins it could lead to iron poising and potentially death! There is no way that I am going to allow my nephew to take these! Plus, they use artificial flavoring and sugar additives that can cause our children to be addicted to them. If our children are addicted to them then it would not be a surprise if they go for more being our backs and lead to iron poisoning.  All I am saying is stay away from the Flintstone vitamins! I have decided to go for Kido’z vitamins from Global Pharmedica because they have just the right amount of vitamins and they do not use any artificial flavorings. Plus, they are in the shape of lions so what little kid (especially a boy) wouldn’t like to eat a vitamin that looks like a lion? What vitamins do you recommend for little boys?

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