Bedtime Story: The eyes inside of your head...

Eyes inside of your head.

Picture by: Dreamer Girl
When I was putting Ruslan to bed tonight, I was telling him his favorite story about this little boy Ruslan and his little brother Remi. He asks me to tell this story to him every night, but I try to mix it up with different animals they meet, different things they do, different places they go to, and so on. There is only one thing in the world that he loves more than stories - animals - he knows them all by name, by kind, by color, where they live and what they eat... But today our story was about a little girl who wanted to play with Ruslan and Remi, and who was wearing a beautiful dress. So, Ruslan asked me:

- Mama, what color is it? I decided I was too tired to explain to him all the little details about this girl, so I covered his eyes with my hand and said:

- See for yourself.

- But you closed my eyes. I can't see.

I said, "Yes, you can, just keep your eyes closed and look better - do you see this little girl running in the park?"

- No.

- You see she is playing with a little dog and she has long white hair and a beautiful dress. What color is it? - I asked.

- Pink! - he almost jumped (it's his favorite color).

- Can you see the little black dog?

- Yes, I can see it. Mama, how can I see?

I said: "It's called imagination. It's like you have another pair of eyes, but they are inside of your head, and you can imagine things if you want to see them."

- Mama, can I imagine animals?

- Yes, you can, - I said still covering his eyes with my hand, - Do you see this little black kitten playing with this big tiger? And there are two brown monkeys sitting right next to them.

- Yes, - he smiled.

And I thought to myself - this is what magic is all about. And I will do everything to keep his and Remi's lives magical, to have them excited for the next day, and to teach them use those eyes inside of their heads, because only imagination does not have limits.
What kind of stories do you tell to your kids when they are going to bed?

Inspired by Rita Arens story...


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