The Beehive

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The Beehive is the story of a newly married couple who bought a house and are trying to make it their own while juggling full time jobs, chores, family responsibilities, money matters and generally learning how to live together as husband and wife.


Erin is a lawyer in San Francisco.  She grew up and went to school in the Bay Area, and has no desire to go anywhere else.  She likes going to the gym and reading fiction, but actually spends more of her free time watching TV and surfing the net.  She is the primary author of The Beehive.

Steve is a CPA, also in San Francisco.  A Bay Area native as well, he decided after his stint at the University of Arizona that the heat being “dry” did not make it tolerable and returned to (somewhat) greener pastures.  He likes fast cars, spaghetti westerns, and MacWorld magazine. 

The House is a two-story residence on a decent sized lot in the East Bay.  The garage is the same size as Steve and Erin's first apartment.  Keeping things running smoothly is going to take a lot more effort than they are used to.  Also, the prior owner made some interesting color choices, and promptly fired the gardener as soon as the purchase and sale agreement was signed, so there is plenty to do aside from the day-to-day maintenance.  Interesting things are bound to happen.