Beets, beets, beets

Beets, beets, beets

I cannot tell you how much i love beets. Ah! the red stains, the all over red. I did not have time to do the canning this year but hopefully i will have some free time in the next month. There is always a nostalgic feeling when i see a jar of canned beets, i feel going back in times, a kinda Little house on the prairie feeling. The lid that pops, the inevitable stains on the tablecloth.

What i like about cooking with the season's produces (right now it is the carrots, the potatoes, the squash, the oranges...) is that it gives you a seasonal recipes rotation. I am really big on cooking what is available now at the Farmers market. I try to eat locally has they say. It is not always easy, because sometimes, you are just craving in winter for a strawberry, but i try. I have patience and right now i am dreaming about blackberries, tomatoes and basil, homegrown in my backyard.

When we think about beets, we are almost instantly thinking about the canning: the vinegar, the spices, the Mason jars. But i love beets as a salad or as my mom is doing, a side dish called Harvard beets.
I am giving you a recipe for a great beet salad. There is not really any measurement because you can put more or less of this and that.

Salad of beets, feta and arugula


5 beets
olive oil
salt, pepper
lemon zest

feta cheese


How to make it
1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F
2. Peel the beets and cut them in cubes or slices. Put them in a deep dish pan, drizzle some olive oil, a pinch of cumin, salt and pepper. Cook for 45 minutes. Let it cool slightly. 3. In a large bowl, assemble together the arugula, the honey, the zest, the chives, the Feta cheese and the cooked beets. Toss and serve
As i told you before, just go with your own taste and don't be afraid to try some options. More honey if you like, less lemon zest, more feta cheese, less chives. Experiment. You can also replace the feta cheese with goat cheese.


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