Beginners - Movie Review

Do you think you became who you are because of the way your parents purposely raised you? Sure - it is natural to think that. But after watchingBeginners today I now think it is also our observation of our parents as a couple that can also have a profound effect - both good and bad.

You can have a wonderful childhood. Your parents love you, take care of you, and fulfill your basic needs. But what happens when they don't really love each other? A child watching two parents who tolerate - not hate - and just merely exist in the same household can alter a person's path - irrecoverably.  That is the premise of Beginners. It's isn't pretty but it is real. Perhaps too real for some.

Directed (and written) by Mike Mills. Focus Features, 2010. Staring Ewan McGregor,Christopher Plummer and Melanie Laurent.

Genre: Comedy, Drama.


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