Behold, The Power of Advertising

The Big One is at his grandparents' house this week.  This morning, I get a text from him (he has an iPod touch).  No hello, no hi mom, just "There is this thing I want called slushy magic."

Now, I have a soft spot in my heart for slushies.  When I was a kid, my older sister bought me a Slush Mug and I loved that thing.  It worked, and I think I still had it when I was in grad school!  I'd checked out Slushie Magic when it first appeared in stores, only to decide that the Slush Mug was easier.  Plus, I'm pretty leery of all that "seen on tv" stuff.

Anyway, I told The Big One that we could put it on his wish list (after all, the holidays will be here soon!), and then suggested that he look at the slush mug, since it was easier (and I know it works).

"No, I would like slushy magic"

(Total aside here, but I am so proud that he has the typing skills to carry on a conversation by text.  He is only 8, after all.)

Hrmm.  Why is he so insistent on this one? I get that he's never seen the slush mug before, but still, he's generally pretty trusting about what I say, so I couldn't figure out why he was so intent on getting slushy magic.

"You get a double offer."

And there you have it.  I don't know why I'm surprised, and even a little disappointed, that my kid has been suckered in by tv advertising.  I mean, he doesn't know to read the fine print.  He doesn't know that those as seen on tv products rarely work.  Or that there are frequently less expensive alternatives.

So, I calmly explained (it is pretty easy to be calm over a text) that you only get the double offer if you pay double shipping.  And I told him later we'd look at the reviews for the slush mug and the reviews for slushy magic (thank you amazon, for having reviews on everything), and he could decide which he wanted to put on his list.

Though if he chooses the slush mug, I think I know what I'm buying him for christmas.


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