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Are we the product of our cultures? Or, do our brains' wiring determine how we relate to the subject of "beauty"? Could it be a combination of these two factors?

On Claudsy's Blog today, aging is the topic up for grabs. How we age is an individual decision. We can concern ourselves to the strict confines of our bodies and how they are perceived by others in the world, or we can concern ourselves more with our minds and spirits and getting the most out of our lives through our awareness of living. It truly does depend on us.

What our bodies reflect is something within us. The something inside could be a desire for health, a desire for honesty in living, a desire to concentrate on superficial beauty only, or anything in between. We make choices, active or passive, each day to show ourselves to the world and how we're going to accomplish that goal. 

A question arises as to what is most important to us in our lives and what makes us happy. Is your life and how you live it more important to you than the perceived beauty of your body? And, what makes you happy?

If your personal perception of your body makes you unhappy, would you invest in reconstruction of it for a chance at happiness? Do you believe such a body change will increase your happiness?

Millions of men and women face these questions each year. Ever ask yourself why? The two biggest factors were stated at the beginning of this passage. Human are hard-wired to look for "beauty" by whatever definition is the consensus in that culture. Beautiful people are chosen first--as a rule--for procreation purposes; and on down the beauty scale until a few are left without partners at all. That's true in most animal species.

Sorry, it's a life design thing. Because it's also cultural, the desire for beauty is constantly re-enforced, especially in this media-frenzied society we live in today. We can't win as individuals unless we change the rules. Until enlightenment is more important than cultural norms, we can't make the change. The cycle continues.

Come by Claudsy's Blog today to see my personal take on this subject. Leave your own comment and thought on the subject. Argue, discuss, stomp your feet in frustration. Enjoy.

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