Being abused?

This is my first blog ever, so please bare with me! :) I have chosen to write about abuse in relationships. This abuse can either be physical or emotional. Often times women do not realize that what they are going through is actually abuse. We learn to endure it and make excuses for particular actions someone else has done. Glamour posted in their March 2012 issue,  "Five-point-eight billion is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s lowball dollar estimate of what intimate partner violence costs each year in  medical care, mental health treatment and lost productivity—nothing in comparison to the cost of life, which is four women a day in the U.S., and on  the rise for those in dating relationships." That number is astonishing to me! Four women die a day from domestic violence in the U.S., women who could have possibly prevented the abuse from reoccuring if they had the strength and knowledge to get out of the situation. I think it is crucial for women to realize that they do not have to put up with the emotional abuse. Often the focus is on the physical hitting, shoving, choking, etc. but the name calling and belittling can be just as detrimental to a woman's emotional state. Many times a woman's "brusing" is hidden beneath the surface. She may be able to hide it from her friends and family but her mental state is still greatly affected by the abuse.I find it hard being from a small town to feel like I have support and somewhere to go if I were to be in this type of relationship. Everyone knows everyone else's business and it can be hard to not feel like your life is on display for everyone. I feel like the key to women getting out of abusive relationships is having the knowledge of how to get out and the strength to walk away from the abuser.


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