Being A Finder, Rather Than A Seeker (Living in Solutions)

While coaching a copywriter, we were reviewing a list she uses to allow her clients to choose words that resonate for and describe them best.  Scanning the list, my eyes fell on one word.


Looking at the word, I muttered something under my breath.  Curious about what I’d reacted to, she asked me to let her in on it.


The word?



The reaction I’d had?

Huh.  Nope.  I’m a finder.


Seek And……


We’re told ‘seek and you shall find.‘   And I believe it.


And while seeking is beneficial in that it means that one has identified a problem, that something is missing, that there has to be a better way, it also keeps one searching.  Searching for a solution.


Seeking can keep you stuck in:

My business is struggling because of the economy.  But I’m persevering.


“The sales process we set up isn’t working quite right, but we keep trying”


“I haven’t lost the weight, but I’m looking for the right diet and exercise program.”


I know there’s something missing, but I’ll keep trying the next workshop, the next program, the next self-help book…..”


Seeking Is Cunning

Seeking lets you believe you’re doing something, that you’re making progress.


Seeking lets you believe you’re trying.  Seeking lets you believe you’re being positive, as you’re convinced there’s an answer.


Seeking will also let you continue to spiral.  You’ll feel a little better, but not having found a real solution to the root problem, the problem comes back around.


We want to lose weight.  We seek and find a new program.  We follow the food plan, we keep our food journal, we do the workouts recommended and we may even reach that magic number on the scale we think will make us happy.   And then, the weight comes back.


So we try the next program.  The next big fad.  And we cycle through it all over again.


We aren’t really seeking in the right place.   We’re still trying to externally control the circumstances that will lead to our own desired outcome.


We believe we’re seeking when really all we’re doing is trying the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  And you know what they call that, right?


Living in Solutions


You do have to seek in order to find.  And once you find, you seek further and find more and go farther on down the path.   


But if you’re not finding, you’re not getting anywhere.  If you’re not finding, you’re still living in the problem, not the solution.


With weight, or your sales processbuilding your business in this economy, your relationships, in all areas of your life, don’t let seeking and taking similar actions dressed up in a different suit fool you into thinking you’re getting anywhere.


Seeking and finding, taking solution-based actions, will propel you forward.


So yeah.  I’ll live in the solution.  I’ll keep seeking….to learn more and grow in what I’ve found.  I’ll take being a finder.


Which are you?  Are you doing the same things externally, thinking you’re seeing progress while really just going round the same mountain again and again?  Or are you living in solutions that propel you forward, taking you up to the next level of the mountain?


Are you a seeker?  Or a finder?


Rooted & Grounded in Love,


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