Being a friend to millions of women in an international crisis

My blog, Girlfriendology, focuses on the importance of girlfriends and especially women supporting women. Sometimes that takes the form of friendship - even BFFs. Sometimes we befriend women we'll probably never meet, like our Twitter girlfriends. And sometimes, we just have to be a friend to women in need. This is one of those times.

Glass ceilings aside, millions of women are prohibited from accomplishing little more than survival. Not because of lack of ambition, or ability, but due to a lack of water. Millions of women and children in developing countries worldwide spend untold hours daily, collecting water from distant, often polluted sources, then return to their villages carrying filled 40 pound jerry cans on their backs. And because women are responsible for the majority of food production in their villages, their productivity is severely limited by this constant struggle.

But the real tragedy is that the problem is easy to solve. For just $25, can provide clean, sustainable drinking water for one person for life, bringing opportunity, hope and possibilities to lives without them.

Water isn’t just a world crisis, it’s a women’s crisis
. We can change the world, and we can do it one woman at a time if we have to. To find out more, visit Together we can be a friend to women worldwide who have dreams they deserve to reach.

Here are some examples of people giving their voice:

* Girlfriendology
* Fittiefive’s YouTube video
* HungryGirl’s eNewsletter
* Jonathan Greenblatt’s article

Add your voice to the women who are speaking up to this women's crisis. Tweet about it! (Include a link: & #waterwomen). Join us on and contact me if you'd like to include this message on your blog. Thanks!


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