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Unprofessional Cookery

Every year, there’s a magical window of time in which there is a vortex of candy in Brooklyn.  That vortex happens to be anywhere within a 1000 yard radius of where I live, as I inhale all the day after Easter marshmallow bunnies, chickies, choco eggs and everything in between.  In my opinion, its pretty much Christmas II: Enter The Dragon.

While I go set up camp in front of my local Rite Aid, you read these things.  Happy Easter slash Passover, grasshoppers.

Hip Matzohs. (Huffington Post)

You don’t like this or read this?  What are we, in the dark ages?

The Peep people believe in recycling too.  (New York Times)

Oh God.  I’ve lived in one, three, twelve and *shudder* eighteen.  (Eater)

All my Easter visions of cute duckies have been dashed against the rocks, thanks.  (Huffington Post)

Just do this.

Bananaphobe.  (Delish)

The margherita is to die for.  (Arizona Daily Star)

First, Taco Drones.  Now, Sushi Bots.  (Eater)

You’re sexy and you know it.  (Delish)

Living in New York, I hate to think what cockroach coloring is.  (Huffington Post)

One pecan waffle, toasted.  (WDRW)

This is what I’ve been doing all week long too! #notaloneanymore (Huffington Post)

Uni-corn!!  (Delish)

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