Being Intentional in Motherhood

Last week I talked about what being intentional in marriage can look like. You can find that post here.

Today, I want to venture into being intentional about motherhood.

You’re probably thinking, “for pete’s sake what does this woman even mean when she says ‘intentional’.”

What I mean by being intentional is to have a purpose behind doing something. Not an ulterior motive. But a true, selfless, purpose. Walk out life with a purpose. Invest your time, don’t just squirrel it away or worse yet, squander it away aimlessly.

So what does being intentional in your role as a mother look like? I’ve been asking myself the same question, daily. I’ve discovered a few things.

I am a mom before I am a housekeeper. Or, at least I should be. This one is really hard for me. I feel like the Lord is stretching me to have a dirtier house, if that makes sense. I’m starting to realize how much time I put into making my house clean and tidy. I think I’ve gone overboard. And I KNOW that it is cutting into my time with H. As a consequence, I catch myself not being intentional with her. The dirty pile of clothes distracts me from story time. I choose to vacuum the floor instead of play with her and her blocks on the floor.

I am a mom before I am a timekeeper. Some people value time before money. I am one of those people. Don’t you dare make me late or throw me off schedule. But guess what… being a mom turns that upside down. Schedule, what schedule? I’ve had to learn how to intentionally and purposely enjoy our time. If Hannah isn’t in bed by 7pm because we are enjoying some extra learning and discovering time, it’s okay.

I’m noticing a recurring theme here. Time. I hear mothers with older children warn me with how fast the first few years go by. I’ve always kind of shrugged that off thinking, “well yeah, growing up is kind of inevitable.” But, now I get what they mean. It’s a warning to be intentional with the time you and your babe have together. The world wants us to be selfish of our time, hoarding it for ourselves. But I believe Christ has called us to give of it, and oh what a sacrifice of our time that motherhood is! But really really savour it. Breathe it in. I think that’s what being intentional in motherhood looks like. Selflessly, intentionally, second naturedly giving of our time.


This post is part of a mini series titled “Being Intentional.” You can find all of the posts here.

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