On Being Italian

On Being Italian
I am completely partial to the part of my heritage that is Italian. Even though I am only half Italian, some from my mom, some from my dad, I may as well be one entirely, because I just really love the "way" they choose to live life. I talked a lot about ways to live life earlier this week found here, His Way, but one of the other ways to live life is the Italian way :)

It's not that I don't have other countries running through my veins it's just that something within me identifies so very much with the Italians.

I can spot an Italian a mile away. Last night when Mo and I were out on our date I met some fellow Italians. Our new friends Bogart from New York and Nancy from Brockton MA. became instant friends once we got talking all things East coast and then all things Italian big families. I love this about Italians as well. They are a very welcoming lively bunch. I identify with that.

I like the way the Italians think. I like that they don't need a reason to relax.
One of the main things I loved about the book/now movie Eat, Pray, Love is this quote;

"I once asked Luca Spaghetti if Italians on vacation have the same problem.(Not being able to relax)He laughed so hard he almost drove his motorbike into a fountain. "Oh No!" he said. "We are the masters of il bel far niente." This is a sweet expression. Il bel far niente means "the beauty of doing nothing".

Don't you just love that? The Art of Doing Nothing. I can so identify with that. This is one the reasons I love Sabbath day so much. To do nothing is to be reminded that we were created to be a Human "Being" not a Human "Doing".

I'm not even gonna get going on the food, the language, the beauty, the joy for life, children, vino, art....
because today I am practicing...

Il Bel Far Niente.

I'm wondering if you dear reader have identified more with a certain part of your heritage? I really would love to hear about that.
Also what do you feel about "The Art of Doing Nothing"?
Do you think that is a good "way" to do life?

Today I do nothing, tonight I will eat Italian food with the my Italian friend Vita , and Life will be celebrated for the pure sake of LIFE.

La Vita Bella!


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