Being the LGBT Parent of an Infant

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Being an LGBT parent is in most ways no different from being any other kind of parent. We change our kids’ diapers and read them bedtime stories just like anyone else. Still, the law and society discriminate against and marginalize us in many ways, giving LGBT-headed families extra hurdles to overcome.

As the married lesbian mom of a nine-year-old, I’ve faced some of them myself, and heard many stories from others. Here are some hints to help you along the way. This Crib Sheet will tell you:

  • How to find support from other LGBT families and allies.
  • Why you should see a lawyer, even if both parents are on the birth certificate.
  • How to talk about your family with your children and adults.
  • How to find an LGBT-friendly daycare.
  • That you may be eligible for family leave and benefits, even if you are not the legal parent.
  • That LGBT-inclusive children’s books exist for the very youngest children.
  • How your being LGBT will affect your child.

Download the whole Crib Sheet for being the LGBT parent of a newborn now.

Dana Rudolph is the author of the popular parenting site, Mombian.

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