Being Mary Jane: A Truth Revealed

Watching "Being Mary Jane"  last night was great and eye opening at the same time. Of course, Gabrielle Union, Lisa Vidal, Margaret Avery, Richard Roundtree and the entire cast was excellent and exceptional. And Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil are brilliant! Plain and Simple. But, what was really powerful to me, was the message through. 

The night started with the movie. A great introduction to the show. And personally, they just had to do a show. It was only fitting. Especially, considering how the movie ended. It was just great! Anyway, we were introduced to Mary Jane Paul. We met her family and could relate to her situation. So many people have people to care for and trying to juggle family and career. And of course, that family that does nothing more than add stress to the situation. You know, the ones that always want a hand out, but never have any intentions of filling that same giving hand back up with something. We all know those young people that seem to only want to have "relations" and seems as if they don't have any other ambitions or goals in life. For some that's true and for others it's not.

But, in this story, we see a beautiful, educated and successful Black woman. Whom to the world, looks like she has it all. The nice home, the fancy car, the great wardrobe.  But, little does the world knows....

From being single to having a "friends with benefits" arrangement with a Married Man! (And the funny thing is, the woman that plays the wife of the boyfriend, played Gabrielle's Sister in "Deliver us from Eva"! Fun fact!)

MJ wastes time bouncing between Men. None of which are interested or can make an honest woman out of her and those that can't commit or avail themselves to her. They can't offer her anything more than a cheap thrill and a lot of pain, misery, and hurt.

What she doesn't realize, is that all they are doing is taking time away from her,  actually finding the right man for her. The Man that doesn't have to call her in the middle of night, when he's drunk or bored. Or when none of his other stand bys, will answer the phone.

A Man that will want only her, a man that will marry her and make her his wife. Not his human mattress. Somebody that will not consider her to be a hobby.  Watching this movie really showed me a lot about the world, now. I know women that settle for being the women that a man sleeps with. But, now going for the man that wants only them.  Not going for the man that only wants to be available to her and her alone. They are okay with being the person that he calls at night and not the person that he's proud to have on his arm.

I have seen thig up close, too close I should say. I have liked guys that couldn't be a boyfriend, even though I was never intimate with any of them. And I didn't invest what these women invest. But, I invested time in  liking them and trying to get them to like me. And that was wrong. However, I learned my lesson and I didn't repeat it. But, MJ constantly makes these questionable choices. But, the scene that was really gripping for me, was the scene when the wife confronted MJ. And MJ told her that she was having an affair with the husband, in a pet store! A Pet Store! Really?

Anyway, this wife had enough and she came to the MJ's office, posing as a big fan. To which is what she told MJ in  the pet store before she dropped that ton of mountain on her. The wfie went to MJ and asked her a bunch of questions and she wanted details. And boy, did she want details. She was relentless and it got me to thinking. How should a woman handle a situation like this? How should you handle it? With dignity and class? Go off like a car alarm in the Projects? Or should you get in depth details? The kind that may be uncomfortable to hear, but necessary to know. So, what should one do?

Personally I don't blame her for getting those details. And she deserved to know.

Being Mary Jane is a great story and a Great show! I loved it and I just know that it will do extremely well. It's a strong story, a strong cast and it's written and directed by strong people.

Great work and I can't wait to see what happens next! 


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