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What an adventure, to be remembered. Early Saturday morning, "The Aviator" (aka husband) and I jumped in the rental car and headed down the coast in search of the Ka'aawa Valley Ranch. This was fun, yet challenging. The highway in Hawaii was a one lane road up the shore. Once we arrived, we had a chance to meet the other runners and check out the view of where we were going to be exploring! 

Along the trail there were many barriers to get through. The first being the humidity! My body and I have been spoiled by the San Diego weather, so with this new adjustment of heat and humidity we prepared well, drank lots of fluids, proper nutrition and started at a  slower pace than usual to ensure safe and smart running. The Hawaiian spirit was alive throughout. The others were friendly and helpful when I slid in a pile of poo. They also helped me figure out what to do when a big cow was standing in my way on the course. It was a great change of scenery and beautiful views! Due to the course being "rustic" it was not clearly marked and several of us managed to get to a dead end, only to realize we went further than needed and turned back around. This was exhausting as I felt I should have been closer to the finish line, than I was. Just as in Recovery, there are times, we feel we should be further along the path, closer to the finish line, then we actually are. Through support of others, a moment to rest, and finding the inner strength to keep going, I was able to come across the finish and even placed. 

After the race, there was yummy fuel to nourish our bodies and regain strength. I thanked my body for doing all that it does for me. And my body thanked me for being kind, listening to it, and taking good care of it! We have a close accepting and loving relationship NOW. (Yes, I talk to it and listen to it and love it for all it does).
After the tummy was full and the awards were announced, we headed back to the hotel for a much needed shower and nap! Overall, this Xterra Freedom Fest reminded me of the Freedom which comes with Recovery. The freedom to be kind to my body, to accept it, to accept me. To be proud of coming in 2nd of my age group, and not feeling as though I had to be #1 for it to mean anything to me. Nope, those were the days when ED and FEAR ruled my life, telling me I was a failure if I didn't come in #1. That is not living a life of Freedom. I was imprisoned by FEAR and ED and appreciate all the hard work it took me to breaking out of that prison. For now, I am kind to me, my body, and accept all of Me. 
Now for some of the local flair:  Pretty topping to a latte. Not to mention the amazing Kona Bean coffee.
Pineapple growing at the Dole Plantations. A fun place to visit.
 Hawaiian Music and Hula Dancers were great entertainment.
"The Aviator" (aka husband) and I enjoyed the music so much we took a Ukulele Lesson in town. It was so much fun, he bought one! Can't wait to practice more and get some songs other than "Happy Birthday" playing.
Being the surf lovers we are, we had to check out the North Shore, the world's surfing capital (during the winter, Pipeline goes off, not so much on the summer). Due to flat surf conditions, we waited on a long line to try out the famous shaved ice at Matsumoto's. Well worth the wait and very local feel to it.
Overall, the experiences and adventures of the trip were great... challenges and barriers as well.
Remember, my favorite part of traveling is that: The most amazing voyage is not in my actual traveling to new places, it's in having new eyes.

Jenn B.


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