Being a Mom and couponing

Being a Mom and couponing – how to juggle it . The word Mom alone tells us we all work hard in or out of the house.  We have the tough job of managing or juggling everyone and everything from school, outings, household and of course budget not to mention all the laundry and cleaning up we have to do. Wow, I’m tired how about you? Well, as Moms let’s face it we work harder and do more than most of the members of our families when it comes to day to day so how do we manage it and still make time  for our families and ourselves. Couponing I know takes time, but no one said you have to do it full time or even every day you just have to make it apart of your routine. If couponing becomes a routine you will save the money to spend on fun outings with your family or get debt so you can enjoy life a bit more or simply afford the life you want.

So, where to begin? Well as I said with a routine, as Moms we all have one it usually begins with being up before the rest of the family just to get a jump on that to do list that never ends. Here are a few tips that will help you get started on juggling all those to dos.

Organization: I know a no brainer but we all say, “I’ll get organized someday,” well someday has arrived. Find the right method that works for you, and make time to set up your system. Once you set up your system it will be easier to manage. The binder is the most popular the file system however works best for me you simply place all your inserts into files and date each insert. The file system works for me  because if you visit the coupon  matchup page you’ll see a listing of coupon matchups and if there is a coupon available in insert form I will put at date at the end of the source like RP 3/9 which just means Red Plum insert March 9th.  To get started visit the beginners or organization pages.

* keep a box or basket on top of or near your printer for coupons. You print and clip them as you need them. If you don’t use them before they expire you can donate them or use the back of them to print more.


When clipping coupons collating your coupon inserts is helpful because if you are looking for a specific coupon you simply go to that stack clip a pile. This saves time and it’s faster to clip a stack then individually.

Set the date/ time: Set aside a day and time to collect your deals and coupons most sales begin on Wednesday so you may want to check out our site either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Visit the coupon matchup page these are the best deals of any given day you’ll find not just the coupon , but the deal, the store to find the best deal and links to coupons or which insert and date published by that insert . You don’t have to hunt the deal I’ve done that for you just check out the deals and half of your work I done.

Don’t stress the small stuff. Don’t expect to accumulate a large stockpile over night it takes time.  Trust me I’d rather spend time with my family then counting the amount of can foods I have.

 If I miss a sale I don’t worry about it another one will come around in a week. Keeping a price/sales log will tell me when the next predictable sale is. Don’t worry spend time being the best Mom you can each day that’s all any of us can do. For more tips and savings visit


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