On Being a Mom and PhD Student

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I personally can't imagine being a mom and a student going for a Ph.D. Yet I know it can be done. I have clients who have done this (while working full time in addition) and there are many of you out there. I particularly like this post from Midwestern Berliners as she navigates the Mommy Ph.D. challenge. (It is part one of a four part series, so check out the others as well.)

I want to write a little more frankly about what it is like to be a PhD student/Mommy. I'm going to do this in 3 parts. In this first part I'm going to discuss the not so pretty parts of it. I want to get all the negative bits out of the way first so that the second part can be entirely about the positive aspects that contrast to all the drawbacks. There really are some. Lastly, I want to talk about the day to day life of a graduate student mommy. I'm always getting questioned about what it is like and how do I actually get everything done. In the final piece, I'll also let you in on a few of my secrets to my success.

Read the full post Grad Student/Mommy Part 1: Sometimes it Sucks on Midwestern Berliners.

Being a Mom and PhD Student

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