Being a Momma

Being a mother has changed my outlook of live. Ever since the 1st bundle of joy entered our lives in 2004, my perspective of what is most important to me has changed. I no longer viewed persuing a career at the expence of my families health as important. Personal fulfilment is secondary as compared to the welfare and wellbeing of my child.

Being an elementary school teacher. It really pains me when I hear my students telling me that my mommy has no time for me. She is too busy working and when she gets home she is too tired for me. I shudder when I think of the possibility of that being me that my student is talking about.

The problems and dilemmas faced by modern day mommas are only getting more and more profound. We have to juggle the tight rope between family and career. 

I strongly feel if it is possible to be there for my child during their deveopmental ages. Especially between their foundation years where they are so impressionable. I am sure all mothers would feel the same way too.

The joy that you get when you bond with your child is irreplacable by any amount of money. I won't give it up for anything in the world.

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